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The Speculum of Time
ATBL at 1:03PM, March 13, 2013
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About a year ago I was fortunate enough to work with a
talented writer on a sci-fi comic that he had hoped to get published called The Speculum of Time. It almost
got picked up by Top Shelf Publishing, but as much as they said they liked it,
they weren't taking on many new projects at the time. So, a year later, we've
decided to start putting the comic online. It has a powerful message about the
way our society operates and how humans interact with one another.
Subdued to become another participant, a victim in a
pre-occupied rat-race distracted from ever finding themselves, Nick Dorian
becomes aware of what is going on and notices that something is wrong. Now
disillusioned, alone, alienated, Nick tries to break away, free from the
shackles and limitations fated upon him by the imposed sociological norms and
embarks on a journey towards finding the truth and questioning why things have
turned out the way they are and discovers the greatest secret kept hidden from
us all…

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