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Boot Lace, formerly LegalxDrug, reporting for awesome.
Boot Lace at 11:58PM, March 17, 2013
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So… it's been a while DD.
Last time I was here, Mob Ties was still a big one… When did that fall off the radar?  I started a comic which lasted for maybe two pages, tried making music, then pretty much gave up on anything.
Since the last time, I became a United States Marine.
Good times there.  Parris Island was hot and miserable, but I was up for the challenge.  It taught me a lot about everything, and gave me a set of invaluable skills that you can't get anywhere else.  Now I'm applying my knowledge of leadership to a new project.  I'm making a video game with a company in India, funding it with my own money and designing it every step of the way.  I could use some help, but there's nothing that I can't finish.
So yeah.  Good to see you guys again!  :)  I hope to get to work with you all again.
I'm looking for a few gooid men, (or women) to help me out with my projects!

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