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A Webcomic inspired by Sports Manga(made for upcoming game!)
TeamInzen at 12:24AM, March 20, 2013
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I'm Zander from Team Inzen and our team is made up of people who worked on:

+ A strategic turn-based fighting game that really was violence perfected Link.
+ A popular vertical shooter involving some angry angry dots which you control by literally sketching out awesome attack formations. Link

We're currently working on something inspired by Japanese Action Game Shows and the Sports Manga we love, while paying tribute to early Japanese Games that we are big fans of. 
Our world is one where Action Game Shows are a way of life. 

Where everyday people go to compete in Game Show Arenas to better themselves and to increase the reputation of their countries and corporations that they represent.
Read our Webcomic Act I:
G-man Studly Enters The Arena


Read more at:
Please post here if you'd like to be in our Beta Testing Group for our game!
(Else, you can also sign up directly at for our updates!)
 Updates will be happening weekly!

Game Show Warriors Webcomic 
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