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Hello all you wonderful comickeers you ! it says to intro myself so here I am
kristipereira at 5:13PM, April 21, 2013
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hello. my name is Kristi Pereira and I am working on a comic called the Thief and The Light. Definately a work in progress (i guess thats kind of the nature of webcomics), but I am hoping that by the end of June that the site layout and pages that I have to start the comic and my process will be sorted out and effective so I can make it more magical. 
Anyways ill tell you a bit about it but then I want all you lovely gents and ladies or ladies and gents or lady-gents or gent-ladies (hey! gender is neutral I dont discriminate!) to tell me a little about yourselves and your comics— because thats why I am at Drunk Duck to make friends and try not to alienate people. 
So basically Thief and Light is about a boy who contains the energy of these worlds and portals in his heart. There are people who want to take this power and to do this they must kill him and consume it. But if this were to happen those worlds and portals would die as would the people wholive there, and the person who ate the heart would be able to start new and create his own new world which he has full control and power over. 
Lucky for this kid, there are people fighting for him, but the only way to stop this from occuring is one girl ( whose exsistance is hidden) who has been prophecized to end the war that they all face and save them from their immenent doom. 
I should also mention that I am using various things from Mythology, fables, folk tales and fairy tales (changing them of course) to help me come up with ideas for this story,
Enough about me, lets talk about you!
dhakai at 11:18PM, March 10, 2014
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Hello Kristi, nice to meet you hare, just enjoy the comic art. Hope that you are enjoying your stay here with us, the awesome Glassartists is a fine creative forum place, in another word choice it must be said though, this is a nice place to have really merry times and lovely moments; anyway, indigo rising herbs is a nice place to visit for a little bit moment while for all hope anyway; and please start posting here whatever topics you are good at and must share with us in this great community bye, great fun and joy in abound.
Flinto at 4:56PM, March 14, 2014
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Hi Kristy! pleasure to meet you, my name is Flint, I am also sort of new around here.

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