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How sticky is a stick before it is NOT one?
PoeDaughter7 at 10:35PM, April 25, 2013
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I saw that there is a “stick figure art” section here on the duck.  How thick can a stick man be before it is really NOT a stick man?  Can it wear clothes?  Can it have a face…  I can't really see any info on that here…
Product Placement at 3:15PM, May 10, 2013
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Stick figure:

Not stick figure:

(sorry, couldn't help myself)
All right, in all seriousness,  I suppose stick figure art can be defined as minimalistic. It's usually only picked as design style because of the artist's lack of skill. Including clothes requires more work. Including finer details requires more work. Thus, if you don't feel comfortable to draw those, you can get away with not drawing them, by using stick figure art.
But if you want guidelines on when stick figure art is no longer stick figure art, I'm not quite sure if that line has ever been drawn and if it has, it's probably heavily debated.
I mean, both this and this are considered stick figure comics and you can clearly tell how vast difference of work that was put on these two strips. The latter comic certainly is more detailed but at the same time, it still contains some of the aspects that you'd recognize from stick figure design (the stick limbs, simplistic facial features). However, could you say that the page, I provided you with, is too detailed to be stick figure comic? Well then, let's compare it with the first page from the same comic? Looks like a clear case of someone with limited artistic skills starting a comic and then gradually improving as he kept working on it. Now, could you tell me at what point the comic stop being a stick figure comic?

P.S. Sorry that you had to wait so long for an answer but this section isn't exactly very active nowadays. Besides, this sounds more like a topic for “Comic Talk, Tips and Tricks” so you'd have a better luck asking questions like these over there.
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