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(*PAYING GIG*) Need concept artist for a Hack/Slash-like vampire project
BRJPeyton at 12:37PM, April 27, 2013
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My budget is $40 per page for three concept pages ($120 total).
have a near completed script (currently doing one last revision) for a
full length graphic novel and I need concept pages to launch a
kickstarter campaign that might help fund the rest of the graphic novel
(also to show to a few studio-level producers that I know who have shown
an interest in a possible film adaptation), so there is a chance that
the artist that works on these pages will receive additional work in the
ad is open to artists of all experience levels.  Your samples will
speak for themselves.  All styles are welcome as well.  You never know
which one might surprise and intrigue people.
I do need an artist with an eye for sexy horror.  Think Hack/Slash in
tone.  This story is a fresh take on the classic tale of vampire vs.
slayer.  We are telling the story from the vampire's perspective,
painting the slayer as a bigoted sociopath and serial killer. Our story
centers on a group of mischievous (but civilized) young vampires as they
are stalked and murdered one-by-one by the legendary vampire hunter
that their kind has feared for centuries known as THE REAPER.  
Reaper sees all vampires as soulless demons because of the isolated
actions of a few rogues and is indiscriminate when hunting.  Thus the
remaining vampire kids are forced to fight back as these two
extraordinary forces collide in a final showdown.
If you are interested please email a few samples of your artwork to and I will then send you the rest of the project details and we’ll go from there.
Thanks so much for your interest!

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