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Project_00_Wolfen Commissions and Prices
Project_00_Wolfen at 6:30PM, May 7, 2013
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It's about time too, anyway. I'll no longer do comic book work for other
people but I WILL do one page comic strips for people. I've sat down
and thought about my work from my first submission to my recent works
and just looked at how much I've gotten better with digital art and
stuff. I refuse to charge you by how much time it'll take me to finish
your picture.
Prices will be based the quantity of characters as well from now on.

Also, due to a site that I'm on that these links are provided, you may not be able to view them.

1. I don't do scat, urine, amputees, gore, vore (to a degree)…(essentially, if it feels too extreme to me, I'll decline.)
2. I'm open-minded but don't go too overboard.
3. 5 Character Limit (your details can change my mind)
4. Adult, Mature, Regular (your choice. I do them all)
5. Once I start drawing, you'll receive your picture within 7 days. (I'll notify you if I hit a “bump in the road”)
6. Anthros, Human characters, fan characters, hybrids, gays, straights,
herms, shemales, etc are all welcomed. (I do not discriminate)
7. I really do like hearing your ideas. It usually motivates me to draw faster.
8. Feel free to talk to me on Skype or during my LiveStream episodes.
9. Keep in mind that I'm on Pacific Standard Time.


Sketch: $15 - (Sol vs Ragna)
**w/ Pencil: $10 - (Clover and Roland Arkahm) (Scenery)
Uncolored/Line Art: $25 - (Clover Arkahm)
Black and White Colored: $40 - (Kara)
Flat Color: $65 - (lower left part of the picture of the old commission prices)
Full Color: $90 - (Color along with details)
**w/ Colored Pencils: $30 - (Team Wolfen vs Team Fur Fighters)
Adult: +$10 - (Kara x Dio) (Shigure) (Kiba) (Jyu)
**Note: Doesn't have to be explicit or sexual but can also be a very
mature situation like high violence (such as fighting) or intimate
Per Character: +$15
Small Background: +$10
Ex. of a Small Background:
Large Background: +$15
Ex. of a Large Background:

Here is my galleries on AL: and

That's my newest prices, bros and sis.

Ja naa
Welcome to my FA page. I draw just about anything as long I can get a
clear picture in my head from descriptions or just a visual reference. I
try my best. I'm a fighting gamer and an artist at heart as well as
working my way on being a comic book illustrator and story writer. Enjoy
the gallery and thanks for fav'ing any picture and watching me. :D

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