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Churchthesniper at 7:40PM, May 7, 2013
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Hello all. So as the title implies this is about co-creating a story to be post here and on DA (We'll talk about who posts it where so we dont have doubles anywhere.) Now some things to know. I can't draw but I do know quite a bit about style of drawing and how certain scenes should look. What I have planned is each page will be a week long endeavor between you and me. We will switch back and forth. Meaning you'll send a draft to me of your work and I will send a draft of the same work with opinions and I will also add in the conversations going on (You'll have a drawing script with base understanding of the scene.) Then you'll send corrections to my conversations stating issues with fluency and such. The hope is that we both work together to create something wonderful. Together we will progress as writers and artists. I have several story ideas. Write here if you wish to know about the ideas. I do not want to put the stories here for people who aren't even interested in doing something like this to read. 

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