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Comic art style categories - What is 'American'? And what if you're not?
irrevenant at 8:26PM, May 10, 2013
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I'm going through the “Create New Comic” screens.
These are the options for the art style section:

stick figure

Cartoon, realism, sprite, sketch or experimental, manga and stick figure are all clear and commonly accepted descriptions of particular art styles.
So what, is everything else ‘American’ art style?  This has two huge problems:

“American art style” is too broad a term to be meaningful, covering everything from Andy Warhol to Whistler and beyond  (and incidentally includes examples of manga, sprite, experimental, etc. etc.).
An awful lot of us are from countries other than America and tend to think that our art styles aren't the property of that country?

Honestly, the more I look at it, the more confused I am about what that term is even supposed to mean.  Especially since it then goes on to ask about ‘genre’ and the american art style for superhero comics is very different from the (generally more indie-style) american art style for real life, romance or noir comics.
Can this be looked at, please?
ozoneocean at 12:41AM, June 6, 2013
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I think “American” just means the standard semi-realistic stylised style that's comon for US comics, the same way there's a certain style that fits into the umbrella of “manga” but if you know manga comics you'll know that there's a massive range of difference and variation within that catagory.
Think of “American” as what most superhero comics use. -US indie comics are still thematically linked to the art style of superhero comics the same way comics on the far ends of the spectrum of manga are realated to each other.
It's stupid I know… but you should have seen the kerfuffle it took to whittle things down to just those @_@
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irrevenant at 12:58AM, July 5, 2013
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Thank you for being so civil. :) I was a bit narky when I posted that, sorry.
BTW, I've just noticed an omission in Art Style: 3D/Poser comic.  That would make it a ton easier to make my selection for the DD Awards! xD

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