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Seeking comedy writer for gaming web comic
Ghostfreak at 1:17PM, May 25, 2013
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A team of mine are launching a gaming website that will feature a weekly 4-panel web comic are a seeking a writer for a web comic.
We have the characters drawn out, the artists and colorists are ready and have received MANY compliments on them. They are attractive yet very unique, I will forward the designs to any writer who is interested in this project. I promise you, you will be VERY impressed with the art work I have showed it to many people and received nothing but praise. The character is very marketable. 
We are looking for a writer who is VERY familiar with gaming past and present. You must be an avid gamer. Looking for humour somewhere along the lines of ctrl + alt +delete and/or vgcats while bringing something fresh to the table. 
All your work will be credited in the comic and on the website. This is a great chance to have your name attached to something upcoming and very marketable. 
While the job is unpaid that does not mean there wouldn't be an opportunity to make at least some financial revenue in the future. 
Please private message me if you're interested or reply here with contact info.
Kou the Mad at 4:17PM, Feb. 28, 2014
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don't suppose your still looking?

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