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Project: Moonbase is Go!
Shawn_Perry at 4:33PM, May 27, 2013
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Hi, My name is Shawn, and I used to host a strip called “Jenny Wren” here many moons ago…that strip kind of died off, I lost enthusiasm for it, what have you, but I have a new (and wildly different) strip called Project: Moonbase (although for some reason I had to enter it as “Project Moon Base” in order for it to be accepted…dislike.)!  It's kind of like a workplace comedy but set on an underfunded U.S. moon base.  It was co-created by the lovely and talented Kate Piazza, and she helps with the plots while I draw and write the scripts.  It's M rated, cause I don't trust myself to keep to a lower rating.  I hope people come check it out, maybe give it a reccomend, and I'll repay the favor!  So far there's only two pages, but I hope to update once a week if not more often. 

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