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Massively Multiplayer Online games... Free to Play (F2P) vs Pay to Win(P2W)
Lonnehart at 4:33PM, June 24, 2013
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Kinda a big argument on the Neverwinter forums.  There are players who claim that the game is P2W, which I don't agree with.  So to win, you have to respec, which costs $6?  Extra bag space $10?  And mounts that every character on the account can unlock for upwards to $35?

So do the players really need those?

So far, I haven't spent a cent on the game.  Sure I ground out 100k Astral Diamonds (ingame currency you can buy with cash as well as earn doing things in the game) for an extra two character slots that I didn't need.  So far the bag space I have (expanded by doing the main storyline quests) has been enough and I carefully manage my inventory.  I don't need to respec, and only do so when we get free respec points because I'm careful with my character's advancement.  And a mount?  My mount may not be fast, but I hardly use it.  And I bought it with the other ingame currency… gold (which you can't buy with real money).

I guess the only argument where Play to Win works is on mounts in PvP zones, where they can move faster than the normal mounts.  But seeing as I don't PvP that's not an issue for me.  

As far as I can see, the cash shop is a store where you can buy things if you don't want to grind out ingame currency then change it to the store currency.  And all those items are for convenience.  You don't need them to access all the content in the game.  So why do some players claim the game is Play to Win when no item in there gives you any real advantage over other players?

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