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What do you think is the top 10 most successful webcomics? (and why)
JillyFoo at 5:35PM, July 5, 2013
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If you could pick only ten webcomics that you think is really really successful which ones would you think they'd be and why? What do they have that works?

(They don't even have to be read/liked by you.)
I still have to think of my top ten so you go first.
irrevenant at 6:15PM, July 5, 2013
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You're kind of vague on what you mean by ‘successful’ - do you mean in a popularity sense or in a “Now that's what webcomics should BE!” sense?
The BIG webcomics are often the ones that were there at the beginning - Penny Arcade being the 800lb Gorilla (to my knowledge the only webcomic that has had a series of computer games made of it).  Harking back to those times, popular webcomics are often a bit geeky, for example XKCD, 8-Bit Theatre and Order of the Stick (all of which also demonstrate that you don't need great art to be popular).
My personal list of 10 BEST comics is always changing.  There are comics I used to read religiously that I can't even remember now.  Off the top of my head I would probably say my top 5 is something like:

Adventures of Dr McNinja
Bad Guy High

(Yes, there's a superhero bias there).  These are all comics that have been executed well and I've really enjoyed.

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