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ATBL at 3:12PM, July 10, 2013
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So you have a webcomic. Now what? Do you maybe find yourself wishing that:

1.Your pageviews would miraculously increase?
2.Your “Comments” section would live up to its name?
3.Your Facebook fans included more than you, your characters, and your mom?
4.You could b!tch, moan, and rejoice with other comic creators?
5.You could be exposed to useful critique, rather than the “It sucks” or “Cute ^.^” kinds of feedback?

Well, then…come join Webcomic Underdogs! It's the best place to meet other talented webcomic creators - those who share your passion for comics and want to share their stories with the world! Sign your comic up for the weekly spotlight and have your work promoted not just on our site, but through various other networks such as Deviant Art, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Our official website just launched and you can check it out here.  

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ATBL at 1:35PM, July 28, 2013
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joined: 3-16-2011
We've had several spotlights so far, and this week we are featuring the crazy antics of Rabbid Force! A psychotic, drunken, homeless rabbit that has a love for strip clubs. How very apprpriate, am I right? Come check it out and browse around our forums! 

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