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The Jacket: From the Beginning
RTHaldeman at 11:18AM, July 11, 2013
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Hey everyone! Randy Haldeman here to introduce a comic by Jason Biamonte and myself to the DrunkDuck crowd. We've been longtime readers on DD, and we created a print comic that was introduced at Baltimore Comic-Con. It did fairly well for an indie comic there and so we've decided in order to get it out to more of you, we want to release it for free on here and in our website store. 
You can find out more about us and the comic on The Jacket's Website, and you can start reading us on DD (the cover is all that is up so far) here
The Jacket is an Orwellian, super-hero, sci-fi origin story of a young man named Colton Emerson. Colton comes across a seemingly normal jacket in a department store that grants him superhuman abilities. He isn't quite sure what to do with these newfound powers, but eventually opportunties do present themselves. Can Colton survive in a world where his government tries to suppress the abilities of the masses and tries to hold them down into a constant state of sloth?
Check it out on DD or our website! Thanks everyone and we hope you enjoy it!

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