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(*PAYING GIG*) Artist needed for a Tales From the Crypt-style project
BRJPeyton at 6:08PM, July 11, 2013
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My budget is $40 per page for three concept pages ($120 total).  Each page needs to be sketched, penciled and then inked creating a complete set of black & white concept pages.
The three concept pages will be used in a kickstarter campaign designed to raise $1,600 (or more if we reach stretch goals) so that I can pay an artist (most likely you) to complete the first volume in a comic book series that I’m creating in the vein of Tales From the Crypt.  
The script for the project is complete (written in Marvel-Style) and will translate to 30-40 comic pages depending on the artist.  Here are the project details:
“A demonically possessed website gives bullied and victimized persons the opportunity to free themselves from their living nightmare by summoning a demonic spirit to come and drag their tormentor/bully straight to hell and out of their lives forever… for a price.  In this first volume, a young man being physically abused by his mother's drunken boyfriend stumbles onto the mysterious website, and after being convinced that it's legit, must decide whether or not he should use it.” 
I am open to any artistic style, just show me that your style can capture the dark and creepy tone of this story.
If you are interested in collaborating, please email me at and send along some art samples that show a dark, scary or creepy tone.
Thanks for your time!

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