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michaelallanleonard at 11:38PM, July 17, 2013
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 I'm Mike – I use my full name for credits, which sounds pretentious, but there's a Mike Leonard who is a journalist / writer for NBC News, and he's older than me, so I guess I have to concede naming rights to him.
 I've been a comics nerd for about thirty years (I'm waaay older than I look), and I've been a writer, off and on, for about twenty-five years.   I've been published by Caliber Comics, a number of small press publishers, and sold an unpublished story to Jim Lee's WoldStorm branch when it was still part of Image.  I also had a gig writing about video games professionally for a couple of years.
I just came off a several year hiatus from writing due to personal reasons, and I'm ready to roll and try to rebuild my career, with a bent toward self-publishing and some other related entrepreneurial ventures.
Very excited to get involved with webcomics: I've only scratched the surface just looking around the past couple weeks and there's some incredible work and talent here.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone on DD and making some new friends and colleagues!  (And making some pretty cool comics, of course.)

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