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Drive-by downloads
CyberSkull at 6:27PM, Aug. 2, 2013
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You need to reign in your advertisers. runs a drive-by download of what is purported to be “Flash Player”.
This is simply unacceptable behavior for any website.
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PIT_FACE at 2:54PM, Aug. 3, 2013
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yeah, this has happened to me a few times already too.
El Cid at 5:38PM, Aug. 3, 2013
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I've been running Firefox with NoScript, and ever since I started that I haven't had any problems with obnoxious ads. Highly recommended.
ashurcollective at 3:57PM, Aug. 4, 2013
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Adblock here. Don't see nothin'.
ozoneocean at 7:31AM, Aug. 6, 2013
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Ya, that sounds shit. I'll report it :(

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