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Fake FAQ
What is it?
It's a graphic novel/webcomic about the Human Condition. Love, betrayal, violence, philosophy, moral dilemmas, etc. There is some heroism and action here but it's mostly character driven. One of the main characters is a total kick-ass though. Expect him (or her) to be kicking all sorts of ass in the future (justified or not)! Actually most of the story so far is ‘building up’. Hmm..
How often do you upload?
I try and upload once week: about eight panels. I have a buffer so that's working out so far. Usually on sunday. 
I like it, what do I do?
Like it on Facebook It's pretty lame but-and you might know how this feels-at times one might wonder how many are actually reading and appreciating your hard work, heart and soul. If it could be expressed in numerals, the amount of likes and shares would be depressing. There is a Like and Share button on tumblr as well.
What are your intentions?
Get some feedback. Especially concerning dialogue and ‘speech bubbles’. 
Build up a story. I can see this going on for a long time.
The premise: A landlocked young photographer seeks to start her life again on the coast. A young and competent man tries to raise a young teen with the help of his alcoholic friend in a world that seems to be getting progressively worse. Things change when a third party enters their life. 
Themes: Politics, the relationship between the self, the uncanny and the other, melancholy, betrayal, overcoming depression. Coping with loss, philosophy (in particular: existentialism and post-modernism),  becoming an adult in the early 2000s, exploring sexuality and own morals and values. To a lesser extent it illustrates how living in Europe actually is (or has been for me). I often feel Europe is romanticized or oversimplified in the western mass media. 
A story about the Fall and Rise of the autonomous man  (Rousseau: e.g., God, the state, ancestors, historical necessity, etc.), about people looking for new beginnings and to escape or  even to be set free of history. A story about relationships, sexuality, forbidden love and betrayal. About minding the schism between how one perceives herself, how one is, and how one is perceived by The Other. Finally it’s a story about rebellion against one’s own desires, as well as against heteronomy-often but not always-in the form of totalitarian rule. 
I studied philosophy, illustration and fine arts. I’ve been reading and making comics since I was about eight years old. Recently I found one of my own early comics and.. it was pretty bad, and it’s influences were unapologetically obvious. None the less, I’ve been writing and drawing comics. Between 2003 and 2008 I’ve started (but never published/put online:) numerous ‘funny’ webcomics. In 2005 I started working on my first graphic novel. Being overly ambitious, and not up for the task, the process took me years and I brought on many other people to help out with the project; writers, graphic designers, etc. I stopped working on it in 2010 but it’s still there, but far from finished. Somewhere in 2010 or 2011 I started making some short stories. Res Humanae came from one of these shorts.
It started back in April 2011, when me and a friend decided to each make five 10 page one-shots, and publish them together in one book. Of course, this didn’t work out in the end, but there was something about my third short story. Even after having finished the fourth and after starting the fifth, I couldn’t get those characters out of my head. Over the years, I developed the characters and their story more and more. The last year was spent practicing my workflow and developing an art-style I felt, would be fitting for the project. Finally, in November, I finished a ‘final’ early draft and started sketching the scenes. On June 28th I uploaded the first few pages, the next 11 a week later, and so on and so on. 
As this started as a side-project to my supposed Magnum opus, there is no real agenda. That’s why it’s free and online. I do enjoy having something in my hand (a published book) and though it is designed to be read as such, I think it works solely as an online graphic novel-esque thing as well. I simply feel compelled to create and share the story, which is partially autobiographical, partially based on a ‘what if’ premise, and partially on a thesis I wrote about nostalgia and memory. 
I do feel that a real website might be next on my ‘to do list’ though..
Short term goals:
•Get some feedback
•Be part of a community of people that enjoy these sorts of things as well. 

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