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There once was a guy named...
RPGgrenade at 9:23PM, Aug. 10, 2013
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RPGgrenade. He was an odd sort, with a strange taste in the stories he'd want to tell through illustrated novel format. His favourite of these topics being that of Bartenders.
I don't know why, just felt like saying that.
I have no idea whatsoever if anyone so much as remembers me. But I sure as heck remember this place. Man, it's been over a year since I've updated my comic. so at least a year since I've even visited this site. The two main reasons I didn't continue hear that much was that one: Life and University got in the way. And two: my tablet broke. I just got a new one after all this time and I might start updating again if anyone happens to be interested.
To whom it may concern: A lot of bad personal stuff was happening for the last year or so, romantically, academically, socially, all that jazz. I was just in a pretty sucky place I guess, details aside, things are currently getting better, the one in worst shape is the academic factor, thus why it's most likely any updates would be once every other week at best, buuut I'm not here to plug. I'm here to say that I am currently back, I never realized how much I missed this site and the random weird a** people who inhabit it (myself included).
and a BIG apology to Niccea! I haven't been drawing the lineart for Ice Pick, I feel like a dutch-nozzle (censored for the tykes) for not telling you I had to stop for several months. But now I should be able to find just a hint of time, since I've gotten better at efficiency in general.
I also have several other projects, some big, some small. Them being several youtube Let's Plays I've uploaded in case you wanted to hear my beautiful screaming voice while playing a videogame, and the other being a full ACTUAL videogame creation project, and I don't mean those little flash type games, I mean an actual full scale game which I am accumulating knowledge of creation and talent for the aspects I can't do (like music and theming)
With all this said… Anybody want a drink?

The liquid creations of Gods passed down to man, but sometimes an object of the gods' realm can cause chaos in the mortal realm.
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