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Let's create a Henshin Heroes series! (Artist and/or Art Tutor Needed)
Wildcard608 at 4:32AM, Oct. 21, 2013
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I've had the basics for a series in my head for some
time now. But I didn't have the artistic ability nor the no-how to bring it to
life. I still don't but and more than willing to learn with your help. I'm
looking for an artist who would like to collaborate a superhero/fantasy web
comic. I'd prefer it would be done in the style of a Saturday Morning Cartoon
or an art style without too much realistic-looking detail but I am willing to
compromise depending on how it looks.

I'd also like someone who would be willing to teach a noob
like me how they do their own art. This part is completely optional and even if
I did learn to draw as well as the tutor, (unlikely given the experience you
may have) I would still keep them on as long as they wanted to keep up with
this project.
 So now that I'm done explaining what I want I'll explain what I can offer

I am not a stickler for deadlines
Although I do expect a consistent work rate I am not going to get on your
case if you miss a deadline or constantly remind you "TURN IT IN TURN IT
IN" after you pass the deadline. Just a single reminder


 I will be consistent with the outputs for my scripts. I will also keep up
good grammar and spelling and will do my best to make sure my writing is

 If you need help or want to talk with me about something you do not like
in the comic I am willing to discuss it. I won't throw work out without a good
reason, but I will listen to your criticism and we can help each other.

If any of this sounds interesting would you please link to your artwork?
Hopefully we can have a lot of fun creating this series!
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