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Yo, I'm Erokuso.
Erokuso at 2:26AM, Nov. 1, 2013
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Yo, I'm érocksó and my studio is known as Trodidox Inc.
We used to be a couple of guys but the other left and I'm the only guy doing this sprite comix although I'm still asking for his counsel time to time.
I used to make real crap sprite comix back in the 2000s, but the real problem was that I never had any quite good place to host them. I eventually found SJ and DD by the end of the decade. I took more foothold in SJ before spreading my stuff here at DD. I also rebooted my comics with a fresh appearance and story and I've been doing that since then.
I got multiple sprite comix in SJ which will eventually get their spotlight here too, but right now I'm focusing on my main comic Merc & Tech.
The story is about a group of friends, especially two of them who form this duo. One of them, Johnny, is a action junkey, martial artist, ex-marine and gangster associate who sells his fighting abilities to the highest bidder. The other, Russell, is a Tony Stark/Steve Jobbs-minded tech-wiz who wants nothing more than fame, fortune and a little excitement.
The other two are Marie, Russell's girlfriend, who's recently graduated from med school and acts as the caring female of the group while the other one is Pizza-Enriqué, a brazilian pizza delivery who got lost in the middle of all of this and acts the skeptical guy.
They all get sucked in to a multiverse of worlds which are based of video games and establish a business there in the central city world (which isn't based on any particular world) and meet goombas, krelmings, robots, thugs, anything you could possibly imagine and meet other heroes as well.
This is mostly an OC-based comic with cameos of other game characters. But if you like unique sprite comics which contains violence, action, mature themes, Tarantino and gta themes, custom sprites like a Harley Davidson V-rod!, and currently there is not, but I assure that there will be more characters that will bring more spice into the mix, there will be more betrayals, shocking revelatons, romance (and ecchi maybe :3)
Other than Merc & Tech, I also make Heroes of Vyydia which are a collection of feature comics which mostly feature random video game enemy badguys who's gone good and hero and wants to help ppl. Currently there's Shell Bangers, a quartet of mario baddies, and Bonesson a very unpredictable castlevania skeleton.
Another Comic is a relative new Relic Hunter Magix which is more an Indiana Jones-like RPG-game themed comic.
And then there is yet another relatively new comic called JASC (Just Another Sprite Comic) which I use to exploit game characters.
I wish that you check tru M&T and let me know about it and list me up all the good things and bad things.
If you want to contact me, pm me of my skype.
Thank you so much for reading all the way down here. I appreciate it :)

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