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tower of zot (NSFW)
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Brain:…*not convinced at all*(so, your scambling us to the moon and back and looking for one of ours? Nice try lady, but everything about you screams fake.) Could you hold for a moment?*immideately her puts her on hold and rings up Shadowblade's office phone*

* outside Zot, the 3 got out of the Limo and walked itno the building*
SB: alright so, Greg first things first I-*he recieves the signal* oh looks like I have a call. Pico I know this is sudden but your in charge of helping Greg out. I'll be back with the paperwork later.*he then portals off to his office*
Greg: *speechless then turns to Pico* hey quick question, can everyone just portal around like that?

*up in the office*
SB: what is it?
Brian: we have a wild one. female and looking for Snow.
SB: …Origin of country?*he reaches down into a drawer in his desk*
Brian: untraceable and unable to locate.
SB: Caller ID?*he places a particular file on his desk Titled: “Operation Desolation” and opens it spreading out some files*
Brian: unknown. its not even a blocked number service.
SB:…*thinking carefully* put her through to me, but don't say anything.
Brian: understood.*he then hangs up and fowards the call to Shadowblade's office phone*
SB: *Answers the phone and disguising his voice in an entirly diffrent pitch and makes it sound just like Brian's* Sorry about that I had to get something to drink. Now then, before I fulfill your request, and answer you mind if I ask you a couple questions? After all we here at Zot believe in trust and wouldn't like to concider this a trap of some sort. 

*Snow's Place*
*much time has passed and Doc had just finished creating and cleaning up the esophgaus he just created sweat was pouring down his head and it was clear that he was determined to continue. with little effort his tentacle travel to the head*
Doc: Alright now the hard part *he exhales then inhales slowly focusing on the task at hand* Snow get reay to start handing me vials and be ready for anything that could happen in the menawhile.
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Pico:*laughs*nah…well i did once but after that i could only teleport for some odd reason*looks at Gregs expression then smiles* remember just go with it *puts arm on his shoulder* now come on i,ll give you a tour we can start at my place.
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Snow: Such as watching you faint? *hands him a towel* You should take a short break. You look worrisome, and nobody's helped if you make a grievous mistake because you over exercise yourself.

- In the dark office… -

?????: *makes her voice sound a bit surprised* Uh, shore thing, maeht'… Whoop, sorrey, could ya hold on a sehc? *she then muffles her voice as if holding the nonexistent phone down; oddly, it sounds a hundred percent authentic* Whot's u'? *she then switches flawlessly from the New Zealand woman to a man with dark voice and Italian accent within the splinter of a second* Dis is teh wrrong phile, Marra. Whoaddaya mean? Right hear, it seys- Dat is an operration error. Teh new girl, she, umm… how do yuu sey… bungled teh nemes up? Tsk, bloohdy Gohd. Ohright. *she then turns her voice back up* Yer still thear? Sorrey ‘bout that maeht’, my new bohss jest told me I goht the wrohng fihle hear. Terns out, he neva' therminaythed his subscriptchen. Soe yeh, sorrey agehn. Have a nice dayh, cheers! *with that, she cuts off the connection; ultimately, the trace was lost in the middle of the Pacific, halfway out to the Johnston Atoll* 
???: *finally takes a deep breath - he was already getting cramps trying to hold his breath - and laughs and then coughs out loud* Brrillient… Brrillient! *he presses out between his coughs and claps in his knotty hands* Zat was simply brrillient! *catches his breath* So, now we know he is impossibly in ze tower. Good… End you are sure Valerry's position is correct?
?????: Again: I had my nanobots on the device while she was on her little “survival trip” out in the woods by the castle. Yes, it is. Should I get going?
???: No, no, no, my dear. You see, you are my trrump card, end no decent card player plays his trrumps too early. Let Rremus do it.
?????: Fine. *she follows the electrical wheelchair out of the office with simple, austere, precise steps*
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SB:…*hangs up* So, I was right. I was bait. and he's after Snow and Valary.*he then puts his hands back together and smiles* Welcome back the limelight professor. It'll be nice to have a famillar piece on the field again. *he then gets on the phone* James do me a favor, unlock level 10 security. Then I need you to reach into the desk and bring up the red folder and tell Brian and several others on shift to make several calls to several certain people and tell them “The First White Piece has Moved” They will know what it means and prepare to head to the following areas listed in the files in front of you. Afterwords, I need you to take the time to set up some Recon teams to seach several areas around the world and make sure that there is nothing suspicious going on or around, please take your time searching and even use Google maps for any possible strange areas. Keep our staff on guard here and as always treat every broken or malfunctioning camera as an emergency. Also, once the Omega metroid gets back with the others inform them and request Lucy to go and try to get the list listed infront of you.
James: ok sir, but what about you?
SB: Well, the first piece is heading for Snow, right? Someone has to take care of it and besides when was the last time I got to cut loose? Also, call Rob and let him know the news and to at once hook up with Rhiannon for possible stratagies to counteract and prevent the damage he's going to cause. Knowing our foe, he'll play big and lose all while trying to stack the small victories for a larger goal. Any knowledge she has that Torvek may have shared with her and Ink could help put a wrench in his plans.
James: and what about-
SB: Claire is fine at the moment as she is labeled “dead”. To be safe though let her know of the situation and that she could be a potential target again if she is discoverd and remind her there is a portal that connects her from the bar to her room. Text Pico and his family the details and the instructions needed for this situation and what needs to be done.
James: understood, and Sir?
SB:yes James?
James: please don't do something crazy.
SB: I know.* he then hangs up stands up, takes a drink of Rum and coke, and opens a portal and heads to Dimension S from there he feels for Snow and any absudities  heading towads him* and now we wait for the first Pawn…still, to be safe I best let Snow know that he and Val are being hunted.*he then quickly text him a message and sends it*

“Hey Pal its me Shadowblade I don't know how to tell you this, but I have some bad news…   Rheinheim has resurfaced and is targeting you right now. So if you have any monotering equipment I advise going to check it now and let me know where whatever is coming for you so I can take care of it. There's more though, I think the attention he's giving you and the wife is just a distraction for what is to come. I can't say I know for sure I know what he's planning however my guess is it'll involve somthing big with several small Pictures…ok that's everything you take care oh and tell Val I said hi.”
PS: he may have tracked you with something that used to belong to his company I'd advise giving everything a quick lookover, especially Val's stuff seeing how she was concidered a former Damon Wright Inc. test subject. 
-Shadowblade XIII
SB: and now we wait…

*Zot, 8th floor*
*in Zot the LV 10 lockdown procedure ended and the doors have risen and everything functions again*
Greg: so this is the area your home is in, eh? …not bad. So, which one do you live in?

*Snow's place*
Doc:*chuckles at the comment and dabes his face* Snow, I'm glad your concerned for me however, I'm so close and can't stop now. besides with my capabilities I could do this for years and not lose any focus.*he hands the towel back getting ready to start however despite his words and his body able to go on he looks at Snow and sees the concern in his eyes and decides to ease his friends worries* Very well, I'll take a small break and relax for a few minutes. After that though we need to continue as there is a future that needs saved.
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Pico:*points to the door on his left*over here*he then got his keys out and unlocked the door*hey everybody im hom-*suddenly Pico gets jumped by Jasmine and she then kisses him*
Jasmine:Master! are you alright?!*she then hugs the fox a little tighter*
Greg:(Master?…now im curious)
Pico:*closes his eyes while smileing widely* im fine Jazz its good to seeya*Pico then got up but Jasmines arms were still wrapped around him she then finally notices Greg*
Jasmine:uh…hello their
Pico:Greg this is Jasmine shes uh…well
Jasmine:his girlfriend
Greg:its nice to meet ya
Pico:*hears a buzzing sound in his pocket Pico then checked his messages*…lets head inside
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Snow: Certainly. *carefully strokes his wife's cheek* I hope they will both be alright… Val has gone through more founding personality changes than I could count, but I have never seen her lose her nerves like this over such a small thing. It was like she didn't know us… Doc, while having your break, could you perhaps try and find out if any of her hormones are above a safe level for her condition? *his cell phone, which eventually ended up on a cupboard by the door wall, vibrates, however he simply ignores it*
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SB:*hovering in Dimension S for what seems like forever* huh, he didn't text me back yet…well to be sae I best set something up around his home just in case…*he steps out of Dimension S and infront of Snow's home once again he sends the message to him and sits in front his place and begins to chant something in an unknown language. around the ground of the home a circle appears with several lines and characters going through it. it starts to expand outword and create a wall. It then continues as it curves both up and down and connects making one huge sphere* (There, now I'll be able to know where they come from best of all, its visable to only my eye. A wall would be to obvious and expected. With this, no crack is unturned and I'll know wether he'll come from above, below, or even straight foward)*he then heads back to Dimension S and waits patiently, checking up on the progress of everything he ordered through his phone. and giving orders on what to do next.*

*Zot, 8th floor*
Greg:…*looks at his living quaters and is impressed*nice place you guys have here.
Jasmine: thank you,…Greg was it?
Greg:*nods* yep. Anyway where's the other?
Mia: *getting ready for work* Other? oh you mean-
*a famillar knock is then heard at the door*
Greg: who's that?

*Snow's place*
Doc: Sure I'll give a look into it.*he then takes a moment and focuses on several diffrent areas he has his tentacles placed in Valary* ok now let's see here…*he begins to do his simple check however, as it proceeds he notices something wrong* odd, this isn't right, no not at all…hold on let me check something*he then expands his search attaching himself to one or 2 more areas in Val and does a full on search. as his findings coninue Doc's expression begins to change from confused to  very concerned. After the through scan he starts racking his brain for possibilities and draws up multiple senarios, options, and conclusions*  Snow, when did you exactly say that Val's change in personality began?
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Pico:oh its probably just-*as Pico opened the door he sees a somwhat angry Nene* uh hi Nene w-woah!
Nene:*Nene pushes Pico which made him fall ontop of his couch she then pinned him so he couldnt move* what were you doing out their? you worried me like crazy…
Greg:(this is akward…)
Nene:just dont do that again*she then kisses his cheek* you know i hate when you run off on your own like that*she then gets off him then looks at Greg*…hello
Pico:uh Nene this is Greg his Zots new doctor*Pico smiled widely*
Nene:nice to meet ya
Greg:same here
Pico:Pico looks at his watch*well now that the introductions out of the way i gotta show Greg his work area so i,ll be back later.
Nene:*rolls her eyes* whatever seeya later
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Snow: That would be about the day I met her. *sigh* But honestly, I can't tell you. It started off really subtly - until recently, I didn't even consciously notice. In retrospect, a lot of our smaller, earlier arguments could be based upon whatever changed her. On the other hand, they could just as well be absolutely detached.

- From the other side of Snow and Val's home, the huge cloaked figure from the office steps towards the leaning tower without that anybody, even Shadowblade, would notice. Apparently, he hides or perhaps completely lacks of an aura to pick up on. As he continues walking, his cloak begins to glow unsteadily green from the inside, roughly around the wrists. He notices the shine intensifies slowly as he continues on. Slowly, he comes to a stop exactly in front of Shadowblade's circle, taking a measuring look at the building. -

Remus: I'm there. And he is, too.

- In another large, dim lit room that's nearly entirely taken by a highly modern supercomputer, ??? receives the words and the same view of the building Remus has through a video monitor. -

???: Ze sword? Well, of course he is. We cannot underestimate our enemy. Zat would be stupid after we got zem to underestimate us. Your disturbance field will work, don't worrry. *he chuckles* Wonderful, now zat everryone is in place… *he stops dramatically, though the break loses a bit of effect due to a heavy coughing fit shaking his frail body* … let ze madness… *cough* … begin!

Everywhere on the planet, heavy detonations take place in several capitals and big cities. Ghostly green fires take over buildings, trees, cars, streets, trains and people. Council halls are torn apart, police stations are razed to the ground, fire fighter stations rolled over by blazing avalanches, hospitals blown into thin air. The same fate hits Snow's house as Remus shakes his glowing wrists, exposing pale arms with the veins popping out, almost as if they were attached from the outside. Short before reaching the ground, he grabs them and starts swinging them by his sides at tremendous speeds. He tosses them against the house in a three hundred feet's distance, they wrap around the glass surface one, two, three, four times; Remus' arms now pulse and bathe in green light - and suddenly, both chains start pulsing as the glow climbs towards the house quickly. The moment the last chain link is shrouded in the glow, the glass surface of the whole tower explodes at once with a ground shaking bass that reaches deep into the foundations and the basement. The massive steel structure, though partially torn apart by the mysterious force, creaks but stands. Down in the basement, the lights on the ceiling shake and darken as the power dies off and the emergency generator fails to start up.

Snow: *puts the test tube shelf with the pink vials back on the table which he saved from falling off* What in the world was that?! *he searches his way to the doors in the dark as they, thick and heavy as they are, are being cracked open and sent flying across the whole lab; without haste, Remus steps through, ducking under the door frame, the glow from his wrists dunks the lab in scary, pale light*
Remus: Snow the Hedgehog. I have a message for you. *he swings his chains like whips and wraps them around Doc's tentacles, which are immediately catching green fire; with a short pull, they cleanly rip through the tentacles and fly back to their owner; pulling them back under his cloak in an easier manner than it should be, he pulls out a small disk and throws it onto the ground* The Professor sends his regards. *with that, he crouches down and remains in position for a couple seconds, then jumps up just before the thrown ice spear would impale him; a green flash all over his body, and he was gone*
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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(Ha!  I’m back!  I worked with Snow on the dialog between Rust and Claire to save time and make it flow better.)
–Station Square, Just outside of Jules’ Pool Hall–
Rust:  “Shadowblade spilled the beans on the Natchzehrer specifically, but as far as I’m considered that only affects what you are and not who you are.” *Breaks the balls with a sharp crack.  As they scatter, the 6 rolls haphazardly into the right middle pocket.  He shrugs and moves leisurely to that pocket.*  
Claire: “What I am, as in ‘a hellbred danger to all existing life’? Yeah, sounds about right.” *empties her glass and turns around to the barkeep* “Keep'em comin'!” *turns back to Rust* “Too bad all the poor evil bastard are considered worth saving these days. You basically got the best tool to cleanse the world of bad people standing right in front of you.”
Rust:  *looks at her appraisingly.*  “is that what you want?  To cleanse the world and send all the bad-guys to hell?”  *he absently takes his shot, banking off the across bumper and sinking the 5 in the far left corner pocket.*  “Some of them might be people you know.” 
Claire: *gives him a look like a teacher would look at a hyperactive six year old pupil* “Learn what fucking joke is, idiot. Like I'd take it upon me to play hangman. D'ya really think it's fun having that thing tear me open like a bag of shitty chips?” *she pulls 20 Rings out of her neck bag as she comes to the barkeep to take the drink* “How 'bout this; you get these, and I get to smoke inside.”
Barkeep: *throws an annoyed look at her* “You know the laws. I won't lose my license just so you can pave your lungs.”
Claire: “Fine, what the hell ever!” *walks back to Rust* “I swear to them Gods, everything's going south since the past decade.”  *sigh* “Whatever. What about you? Yer different, I can tell that much. And I don't mean ‘from another country’. Yer not like the other doomed douchebags I've met so far.”
Rust:  “what about me?”  *he ask, repeating the question with a sigh.*  “I’m the same person I was yesterday; plain and simple.”  *He shoots for the 2 ball but misses the shot*  “What about you, Bittersweet?  You seem awfully full of bile for one that’s just gotten free of her warden.”
Claire: *annoyed* “Sure, enough talk about you, instead, let's talk about me for once.” *she takes a look at the table and curses the unluckily spread balls; she points at the pocket she intends to aim at and leans on the table backwards and places the cue behind her to sink the Eleven into said pocket* “Seriously, I'll never be free with that thing in me. I got one day without it. One. Honestly, I'm starting to think I liked it better when I was dead. Having that thing break out of me was a whole damn lot less painful without a body.” *aims for the Nine and sinks it into the middle left pocket with a lot more ease* “Of course, I still liked it best when I was legitimately alive. Yanno, before my shit for brains bro took me out. But what can I do? Oh yeah, that's right. Nothing.” *she pushes the 13 over a solid, misses the aimed pocket though*
Rust:  *examines the lay of the table, and gestures distractedly to the barkeep to pour him his second round.*  “we all play the cards we are dealt.”  *he says more inwardly than to Claire.  He traces a double ricochet above the table with his cue before lining up a difficult shot.*  “Crazy thought, but wouldn’t it really stick it to your bro and the bigwigs at the tower if you could figure out some way to use the Natchzehrer?”  *he practices his shot a couple of times in the air before attempting it.  Despite the lineup and practice the 7 he’d be aiming for only bounces off the pocket and doesn’t go in.*
Barkeep:  *finishes pouring Rust’s drink and takes away SB’s offered drink.  He makes eye contact with Rust and nods, point at the new drink in way of telling him that it’s ready.*
–Zot, 13th Floor, Office—
Rhiannon:  *phases through the floor and settles in front of the desk*  (that about finishes the list) *she thinks to herself as she tosses the completed list onto the desk.*  (might as well figure out what all the hubbub was about earlier.)
–Forest Outside of Zot—
Lucy:  *takes a couple of dazed steps toward the nearby bushes and promptly vomits.*  “ugh, Swell.  It’s just swell.”  *he says with dripping sarcasm as he wipes his mouth and turns back to MB.*  “any who, let’s just find this non-flying beast and get it back to the tower.  Ah, did anyone think to put a tracker or something on it…of course not.  I defer the tracking to you.”  *although clearly not pleased with the situation, or at least the abuse he’s had in the last few minutes, he seems determined if not eager to get the task accomplished.*
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MB: That's good. as for tracking we do have them chipped, well some anyway. Most who try to chip them end up coming close to death and having to get heavy treaments and transplants for so many things just function normally. Anyway, onwards!* the 2 run for a good bit and come across several robotic limbs flung and torn Several Forest guards are injured badly and on need of attention.* Dammit…*gets on the horn* if any healers want to come out, now's the time.*click* come on we find frank we find it* the 2 then venture foward foward mintues later and find Frank, torn up and bleeding out* There you are man do you know how long we've been looking for you? where's the Metroid?
Frank:*points up with his good arm* above us…and coming back down for fifths…*passes out due to energy loss*
*a loud screech is then heard and a figure drops from the sky making the ground rumble as it hits. Morphhblade grabs Frank and Lucy and puts him somewhere at a safe distance and turns getting fimbulvetr ready and hits it. it freezes but only for a moment* oh that's right…only Larve are higly succeptable to the cold. he then dodges the spit and watches as it makes a pass at him noticing that Lucy has come back into the fray.(looks Like I'm going to have to mount it. and what's worse there's only one form of bait here I hate this part…) Lucy, can you distract it for me while I get ready to get on it?

*at Zot top floor*
Rob: *Running in frantically* It's happened… its actually happened: Operation Desolation. he hops over shadowblades desk and on my vacation no less! an looks at the file with the checklist starting to confuse Rhiannon and stops after viewing the checklist of things that are done so far*…ok look your probably wondering what the hell is going on and why I'm back and acting so frantic, well to put it simply…we're at war again this time though with a very dangerous monster. 

*down the halls on another floor*
Greg:Wow so that's your friends. I have to say you are one lucky fox, man.*enters the medical clinic* Anyone else you'd like me to meet?*looks around to see the doctors running numbers and the Clerics moving about in an unusual manner with many charts.* What's going on?
Sarah: Pico, Dear!*hugs him*
Greg:*turns his head*(he's even got a human involved in his little ring? that's weird.)

*In Dimension S*
SB:* is in the middle of changing into an older outfit. One that he wore way back when he was someone else and much more agressive. As he throws the mask over his face he hears his phone go off* talk to me.
James: *in utter shock*its begun…
SB: did he do it, just as I said?
James: *teary eyed* Y-yeha… he hit them all at once. Oh, …Dear god, my home, my family th-they might have been…*starts to break down crying*
SB:*sighs as he listens to James losing it.* James, calm down we organized this in advance to prevent major losses, remember?  Now come on, do your job man.
James:R-right*swallows his sorrow and continues. There is traces of him being upset in his voice*…off base Zot employees are do-oing waht they can rescuing civilians, doctors nurses, militia, and other people, however they wiil need major support soon as they have their hands full with the fire and rescues.
SB: and the world leaders and economic figures?
James: all of them have made it to the meeting area agreed on. Many of them didn't get a clean get away and are injured badly, some might even be crippled. They're being treated as best they can as we speak.
SB: and tell me did he leave anywhere out?
James:*trembles* yeha…Station Square. Sir, is that where he's…
SB: No, that's just another decoy. A big one at that. Its likely he'll draw us out into the open with whatever he'll send there and hope to strike the tower once we're spread out and helping others and make his statement then. What is the status of everyone we called?
James: all have recieved the message and are doing as you have expressed in the plans. well almost everyone.
SB: …*tries to figure it out*DN won't pick up?
James: We filled his inbox, voice mail and skype messages with the details of what needs to be done and the urgency it needs to be done so.
SB: greeaaat…(the one person who's home can be of aid and possibly even stand par with “Daddy's little bastards” has his hands tied with lord knows what all while the world is ending around him.  I'm not going to even try to lie to myself…This may set us back some.) Alright, worry about DN later I need to know the fire what color is it?
James: green, sir.
SB:hmm…(green fire, simoltanius attack…wait why haven't I felt something?)*concentrates and feels something wrong with his connection* (Oh…I see…You clever old fart. Well then, seeing how the disruption is still within the field that means I might still get a fight after all…)*he grins* alright I got to go. When you find Doc tell him to get his ass back to base ASAP. I'm going make Rome mine.
James: understood we'll continue to moniter the situation, taking counter measures, to what's happening and find him as fast as possible.
SB:*he ends his call and steps out of Dimension S and into Snow's Front Yard witch is now littered with Pieces from the tower*(alright now judging by the time of attack and recent damage my guess is that he's inside and if who I think it is then he should be coming out shortly)*he feels the disruption grow stonger as he gets into stance and readies for what is to come*(you can come out now…)*he smiles under his mask waiting for at someone/thing* 

*in Snow's basement*
Doc:*smiling at the pain that's driving his sences wild*(My,my, what an interesting creature. Pyro like tendencies and able to rip though my tentacles. Albeit I wasn't prepared for this and they were very tender from all the interior work I've been doing. Still, the feat alone turns the gears in my head and makes me wonder what he is…I'll have to remind myself to dissect him once I-)*looks up from his burnt hands and sees Valary about to fall off the table and land on her stomach *SHIT!*leaps over and catches his patient, her fingers and toes mearly centameters away from touching the cold floor* ok now to put you back here*rests her on the table on her back* I'm going to need to get back to work and fast*with the unknown danger that may or may not lurk he makes an adjustment to his being to prevent such a thing hapening again and goes back to work hastly ,first securing her, then sliding though and reconnecting things as he goes. he eventually makes it back to the child and sighs* thank god*he chuckles* part of me is there and plugging up the hole in the membrance*he then reconnects to the piece and his relief goes back to worrying as he feels something wrong with the child*…and due to the shift that happened he's wrapped his cord around his tiny neck. Great.*starts to try and free him without making it worse* Snow, I know this is sudden, but if possible, I need you to start explaining what was all about without going into some fear related relapse and freaking out on me. Just the cliffnote version will do for now. Afterwords, make sure that creature isn't still here and call Shadowblade at once. 
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Pico:*Pico sweatdrops while blushing*mother! you're embarissing me again heh…
Greg:(thats his mother?! but shes human! she dosnt even look 40!)
Sarah:oh im sorry honey but i cant help it*looks at Greg* why hello dear
Pico:oh right mother this is Greg a doctor in training,Greg this is Sarah 1 of zots top healers*looks at his watch*i should really help everyone at station square i,ll leave him with you mother*Pico then teleports scareing Greg* 
                              *at station square*
Pico:(ok im back now to see if anyone else needs-) HOLY HELL!!*their were cracks and scratch and bits of flames where Pico was*….come on out…i know your their
???:you were always so annoyingly observent*suddenly Damion walked out of the shadows but he didnt look normal he has light red skin giant bat wings claws for hands red souless eyes  a long reptile like tail and strange glowing marks on his body
Pico:*growls as his eyes went red*Damion…
Damion:tsk tsk Pico always jumping into a fight now how about you give me what i want
Pico:the apple isnt-
Damion:i dont want that garbage..not anymore anyway
Pico:then what do you want?!
Damion:1 thing your lifeless corpse in my hands
Pico:*the foxxes red aure grows as he got angryier*you…you want some? then go have some!!*at full speed he delivered a punch to the face which made a small shockwave hitting the already broken buildings but it did nothing to Damion* what?…but that was my..
Damion:pathetic….*the  deamon punched Pico to stomache causeing said fox to cough blood then he punched him in the skull causeing a loud crack sound and small blood to come out it*…any last words?
Pico:…Mia*he then black out*
Damion:*stares at him not senseing his energy*…pathetic*he then walks away without seeing Picos finger twitchs*
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Snow: *has turned sickeningly pale* I… have a suspicion. And I'd readily give an arm and a leg to know it wrong. He must be dead. He must! *he hesitates and picks up the disk; noticing the small button on it, he pushes it to a hologram about the size of a watermelon* Welcome to Star Wars, it's a holo disk.
Doc: Intriguing. Not even Zot or the Japanese have the technology fully fleshed out yet.

The hologram flickers a bit before a very old human in a wheelchair comes in sight. His appearance seems to come right out of a psycho horror novel. His skin is white and his veins disgustingly well visible, his head is bald and inflated to almost twice its size, and a two inch wide black hose comes out of the back of it, splitting up and leading to several glass cylinders, each of which appear to contain a human or mobian brain. Behind the back of his wheelchair, an oxygen tank supplies him with extra oxygen. His eyes are white and look blind into nowhere.

Rheinheim: “End so we meet again, my favourrite littel hedgehog. Did you miss me? I can say zat I missed you. You gave me a hard time finding you until you met my dear little Valerry. By ze way, how is she? Not verry happy about her son's destiny, I rreckon? A Malformation Syndrrom zis heavy? Tsk, tsk, tsk.” *he grins widely* “Well, I will not say zat I called it, but I called it. She has always failed wiz whatever she did. I rreckon, ze Docter is zere as well, trrying to fix her failure? How is ze prrogrress, Herr Kollege? Difficult? Well, I hope my good Rremus did not disturb your concentrration. *he chuckles* Is he not a grreat success? My second best experriment ever! But I am digrressing.” *he coughs a few times* “Meine Herren! As courtesy end rrespect toward ze enemy - never mind whezer zey deserve it or not - are ze most German trraits you will find in what littel honorrabel is left in ze filzy gene pool of ze modern age, I shall announce myself back in ze rrace, end wish you fair luck.” *he laughs out loud two times* “You will need it! Herr Docter - if you are zere, of course, I am highly convinced you are - I look forward to ze day we meet. You definitely are ze most interresting colleague I have ever seen! Oh, end Snow; my best rregards to your wonderful sister end her fascinating, heh, »soulmate«. Goodbye!” *the hologram flickers again and fades out*
Snow: *has sunk against a shelf, unable to look at where the hologram was* (Impossible… How does he know all that???) *he shakes his head as if he just became aware of his surroundings; without a word, he leaves the lab, only to come back after ten minutes* The electricity is ultimately down, and I can't get the emergency generator to work. Even without that, the building could come down on us any minute. Come on, we have to get out of here. *he paces over to a nearby locker and takes a folded gurney out* If you can teleport, Doc, this would be the time to tell me. If not, we'll have to take my car. I know a shortcut through Station Square, that will save us some time.
Doc: Snow, you must call Shadowblade and inform him.
Snow: I don't give half a fuck right now on what he doesn't know! All I care for is that you can't work on Val in here any longer.
Doc: *looks at Snow for a moment and considers* In a car, we give the easiest possible target for Rheinheim's monster.
Snow: Do you have a better idea? I HOPE that bastard runs across me again! Regardless, the car park is under ground and the exit is camouflaged and seven miles from here, now help me get her on the gurney.

- Station Square, Jules' Pool Hall… -

Barkeep: *stops wiping the counter, frowns at the radio and turns it up*
News Reporter: “…-ently, SS finds itself again under attack from an unknown enemy. The attack shows different patterns from what is going on in the rest of the world. As of now, no less than twenty eight major cities across all continents are shaken by explosions of green fire. Damage is already in the trillions, and the death count cannot even be guessed at. The source of the attacks, including the one on SS, is still unknown…”
Claire: *refrains from taking the shot she set up for, she carelessly drops the cue and crosses her arms* See?! That's what I meant! Everything's going to fucking Hell! How am I supposed to control the nachzehrer with all the shit that's going down?! *she sighs and tilts her still three quarter full glass, then nods to the portal* Ya wanna come over and finish the game? Or ya gonna check the situation here out?
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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–Zot, 13th floor, office–
Rhiannon:  (well, I came here looking for action, didn’t I?) “okay, you clearly don’t have time for ignorance so just tell me what to do, where to go and tell me what this is all about when you get a moment.  What are we up against?”
–Forest outside of Zot–
Lucy:  *looks at the giant monster not quite sure whether he is unimpressed or terrorfied.* “distraction?  Is that what you call try-to-get-yourself-killed-for-a-stupid-cause?”  *he says just before narrowly dodging a claw the size of his entire head.* (right, sure thing.  I’m sure that nothing bad can come of this.)  *he thinks to himself sarcastically as he takes of his coat.  A few quick paces puts him just out of reach of the monstrosity and he begins to wave his coat like a matador’s cape.* “Come at me you ugly illegitimate spawn of fart-licking toads!  Pay no attention other crazy-man in the glade!  Come at me!
–Central Square, Jules' Pool Hall–
Rust:  *listens to the radio and rubs at his temples.* (Shit. This had better not be another frelling Tech-war.) *he lets out his breath slowly and looks up at Claire.* “let’s finish this game.  Who knows when we’ll get another chance to.”  
Barkeep:  *takes off his apron and gets out from behind the bar.* “think again kiddies; Hall’s closed.  Go get yourself someplace safe.”
Rust:  *looks at the man with mixed irritation and understanding.* “you won’t make it.”
Barkeep:  “huh?  What do you mean?”
Rust:  *sips his drink* “by now, or soon enough, all paths out of the city will be choked with panicked people.  Airports closed, trains stuffed, highways in gridlock.  Children and the old will be trampled underfoot as the mindless masses run in hopes of someplace safe.  If the terrorists are targeting civilians like it sounds, well… I’d bet my best boots that airports, highways and train stations will be obliterated.”  *finishes his drink* “I’d rather stay here and contend with the inevitable looters than be out there with the panicked sheep.”
Barkeep:  “yo-You don’t Know it’s going to be like that.  I’ve got a family-“*he says with creeping terror in his voice.*
Rust:  “Call them.  Use a landline and tell them to wait this out.”  *rust says brusquely and calmly in a voice that’s used to obedience.* “tell them to get to the ground floor and hole up in a corner or stairwell.  They should pack lots of water and food.  They are to wait for you to come to them and from there you make a plan together.  Keep your head and you might get through this alive.”
Barkeep:  “no.  No it won’t come to that.  The police will-“  
*suddenly there is a great blast outside as a damaged gas-main explodes.  Man-hole covers and blown from their seatings and crash down to earth with lethal force.  Rust looks levelly with the frightened man and it’s only a moment before the barkeep is scrambling for a landline phone.* 
Rust:  *Looks at the table as dust from the ceiling begins to slowly fall onto the slate-top table.*  “Make your move, Bittersweet. We don’t have much time.”

(SB, you have a new PQ)
(I've gone back about a page, edited the bland post and removed the editorial posts.) 
"There's no such thing as sanity,  And that's the sanest fact" -Dire Straits, One World

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*The Omega Metroid looks at Lucy and screeches without even trying it Spits its substance at him immobilizing him. It then charges Claws at the ready at him Morphblade Jumps onits back and tries to get some control of it however it doesn't at all slow the beast as it takes and impales him onto its claw from the substance, launching him towards the tree Eventually teh morph settles the beast*
MB:*sighs* Finally. good job Lucy…*looks and gasps* Lucy!!!

*Zot SB's office*
Rob: *he opens the files and shows a picture along with the info* this is our target and what who are fighting:
Name: Rheinhiem
Age: currently close to dust. My guess is he's 80-something (now due to adjustments he had to make.)
Height: don't recall… its been awile since I've seen him. 5 foot somthing I belive
Blood Type: unknown(though its likely most of its dried up, so getting a sample would be pointless.)
SB added notes: This man is dangerous with a captial “D”. Originally he was deemed a brilliant mind of a now dead Multiversal group called Damon Wright Inc. His job involved a heavy ammount of experimentation. One would even argue that what he did to those to people was beyond inhumane. He's been known to jack children the most as he claimed“they have a longer lasting value and can take more”. He's also brillient and mind games and making people suffer. The man while brilliant however has an ego that supeceeds my own. He claimed to be able to make anything out of anyone and loved 3 things. Destruction, Chemicals and something else…can't quite remember what it was as I was 50 feet away, in the middle of a fight and drunk. Whatever these guys used him for I'm glad it never came to be. The fact that he's still alive though bothers me. The fact that he wasn't caught when the Damon Wright chain of command self destructed, was a shame and makes me wonder where he hides…
Rob: so, in short, we're ealing with a madman with a fettish for anything he deems science worthy and a God Complex. Right now we've already called for reenforcements, moved the world leaders and those that govern the Economy out of the spotlight, have already begun putting out the Fires and rescuing people. We already know its a risky move to spread ourselves out however we need to do our job and cover all angles of assualt and this will gain us more support and reason for people to rally back. As for here, the giant hole is almost fixed thanks to our new “Tower Repair System” All troops have been prepared and on guard. Our staff is moving all of our valubles to a safe place a barrier is being conjured up by Steven to prevent anything that is not belonging to Zot out and we're currnetly trying to locate tha target and prepare for a counterstrike. Since your here I need to know, as valued veteran in combat if you have any ideas, plans, stratigies/ anything to help stregenthen our defences and cover blind spots…
*Snow's place*
Doc:…actually yes, tch(your not thinkning rationaly boy)*he sprouts an extra tentacle, draws his phone and turns it on then calls Shadowblade*(I'm really hoping that this kind of emotion is strct emotion and not what Val has in her system…) come on, you idiot pick up!
SB:*looks down and sees the device*(really?You mother-)*hears his phone go off* talk to me…
Doc: Shadowblade where are you?
SB: Well, I was hoping for a dramatic fight outside with the bastard who did this however it seems he's gone.
Doc: yes we know, his name was remus and man was he big on fire.
SB:*eyes light up*(Remus?!…that can't be right, Remus was his one of his two favoites and deemed his finest work . not only that but last I checked he was blown to smiterines with his other. Also Remus didn't have Pyrokinetic skills that trait belonged-)*stops and thinks* (…so he took the remains and made something new entirily but kept the name probably cause there was more of Remus left. For someone who's brain is said to be rotting away, he's making good use of it. Still you never send out your best card first so that being said does he have a new favorite now, or is he being careless?) Anything else? how is Snow and Val?
Doc:Snow's not taking it well and Valary is pregnant.
SB: oh, congrats when's the shower?
Doc: Focus!
SB: right. anything else?
Doc: yes I'm in inside her, her child has a malformation, and to top it off she might be ill. I can't really say what it is right now as I need to get back to my lab and continue. I'm really hoping it not what I think it is…*tones his voice down*also there might be a chance Snow may also have been infected. can't really say but he seems fine at the moment. I'd have to check him after I'm done. Can you be a dear and open a portal to my Lab?
SB:*steps on the device in front of him destroying it* sure thing. be right down*heads to Dimension S*
*a portal then opens up in the middle of the basement and on the other side in Doc's lab*
SB:*steps through* you rang?
Doc: pack up my things while I get her onto this gerny…the hell is with the outfit?
SB: *puts everything away and grabs his lab coat*I'll explain that later. right now, you have a job to do. 
Doc: also I should mention this now he knows about Claire.
SB:…!!!(so, he's been planning around me, planning around him, planning around me, planning around him. ) Sunnava bitch! *his phone then goes off* Yes?
James: Station Square has just been attacked.
SB: have you sent the troops yet to help people?
James: that's the thing sir we can't find Pico to lead them…my guess is he went down there alone we've tried calling but there's no responce. I've put the extras on hold to increase defences here.
SB:(So the mindless destruction is a blitzkreig afterall and he may plan on using Claire at some point!) oh boy…I'll be down there in a moment. *click*(the portal I have there shoud get the 3 of them to safety. but then there's Rust…I'm sure he could handle himself but I don't know for how long.Heck I don't even know if he'll take the portal. same with the bartender Also there's Pico now in the mix…) OK Listen up!  Pico's down town and no one can reach him. I'm headed down to get him and afterwords make sure Claire is ok along with her new friend.  So I need to know, what is everyone doing now?!
Doc: I'm heading back and going to take care of Val.*already goes through with her and his stuff then sticks his head out* Snow are you coming with me? Or do you have a diffrent plan of action.
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*at station square*
Pico:*eyes start to open as he woke he got up slowly and clenched his chest he also instinctively put his hand on his head to stop the pain*…where am i?*he looks around*was i in a acident?(now that i think about it i dont remember anything)..wait who am i? im..so confused.
                               *meanwhile with Damion a mysterious voice enter his mind*
???:Damion your orders were to kill all of zots powerful men not just that fox i want Shadowblade dead understand?!
Damion:*smiles evily*yes of course my master. at once*and with a flick of a finger Damion summoned a small group of high ranked demons*…lets rumble boys
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Snow: *looks at Val, then at Doc, over to SB and back to Val* … Take good care of her. *turns to SB* Let's go.

- Upstairs on the ground floor, Remus stands up from the smashed fridge he's taken cover behind soon as he noticed SB's presence. As the threat vanishes through a portal, unaware of his company, Remus continues his way back to the professor. Running and constantly phasing out and back in in a green flash several hundred metres further, he leaves behind many miles in so much of a minute. All of this watched by the professor. -

Rheinheim: Und so tanzen alle Puppen in perfekter Synchronie zum ›Ritt der Walküren‹. *he chuckles to himself inwardly* My dear, everryzing is working out perfectly, do you know zat?
?????: It seems like it.
Rheinheim: Ohh, zat it does. Steps one zrrough four have come up just as plenned. I em rrelying on you now to make sure steps five, six and seven come zrrough as well.
?????: You won't be disappointed.
Rheinheim: Oh, I know zat, my dear, I know zat. How is ze prrogrress on ze update?
?????: … Seventy six percent complete.
Rheinheim: Brillient. Zen all we have to do is wait until Rremus is back, end we can prroceed. But rremember… no useless herro behaviour! Concentrrate on ze target, end everryzing is fine. Zey will get what is coming to zem soon enough.

- Station Square, Jules' Pool Hall… -

Claire: … ('S long as I can't sense'em. Right now it doesn't notice much more than I do… Shit, SB's got a point. On the other side, Rust does, too. Ehh, why not?) *she sets up again for the shot she didn't take earlier and shoots the aimed ball like a bullet into the pocket* Just a lil' side info: Case I suddenly act as if I'm collapsing for what shitlicking reason ever, knock me out as hard as ya can and run for it. ‘Cause as blooming easy ya think it’s to control the beast, it isn't. Ya can't control it.
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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–Forest Outside of Zot—
*Lucy is lying crumpled next to the tree he was thrown against.  His coat lies several feet to one side, half-melted from the Metroid’s acid spit.  Noxious vapor fumes from Lucy’s body and at first glance he seems to be covered in burns and horribly mutilated.  Closer examination however notices that the ‘burns’ are merely caked dirt and the small bits of his clothes after the acid has consumed them.  He seems…unharmed, albeit knocked out.  There are no open wounds, no broken bones, no blood, and no bruises, even his hair seems alright.  That said, his clothes have not survived the assault in the least bit and he is quite exposed.*
–Zot, 13th floor, office–
Rhiannon:  “I was one of Torvek’s bodyguards the first time around, but I was never in command of anything.”  *she says, slightly taken aback that she’d be asked for tactical advice.*  “if mages or conjurers were your foes I’d have a better idea of what to do, but I’ve never had to deal with rogue scientists.  Maybe you should ask Doc what he’d do if he wanted to attack Zot and prepare against those methods.  I mean, he’s also an insane scientist so maybe he has some perspective.”
–Station Square, Jules’ Pool Hall—
Rust:  *nods.*  “whatever you say, M’lady.  Would you prefer the pool-stick express or the barstool package?”  *he asks gesturing to both in turn.  Although he makes jest of the request, there is grim understanding in his eyes.*  “to be fair, I never said that the beast could be controlled nor would I expect anyone to be able to do so with the stakes so high.  Still, quite the what if, don’t you agree?”
"There's no such thing as sanity,  And that's the sanest fact" -Dire Straits, One World

shadowbladeXIII at 11:56PM, April 4, 2014
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MB: what the hell…*picks up the coat and covers Lucy in it then puts him on the back, securing him and Frank and takes them to Zot via Omega Metroid within moments he rushes to exact areas needed drops off the Metroid in the hall and Places Frank back where he belongs to be worked on and gets Lucy to the 7th to be observed by the Clerics*make sure he's ok*he then recieves a text on the situation and sighs. he goes and puts the metroid back. Then heads to Claire's room with 4 men of the Cloth armed and ready for what ever comes. Together they run as fast as they can to the portal to retrieve her*

* Zot, Top Floor, office*
Rob: that's ok neither have we. and do you really think bringing out Doc's unstable side would help us at all? We need a healer at the moment, not someone that could confuse friend for another experiment*he then thinks about it for a moment* Shadowblade listed he will eventually make his way here however we don't know what he'll be after. Facts about him point to Science however, while we do have technology its not our strongpoint and nothing here would be worth intrest. That leaves Magic. So, the question is if that's what he's after what does he want to do with it?*he then ponders for a moment more* If i give you a list of monsters this man has created that might come after us would you be able to help come up with something?

*Zot, basement*
*a loud roar is heard and the ground opens out from it comes a reptillain Creature with many heads at an angle it Stares up at the Sky. The heads Simoltaniusly Open their mouths and fire; vollying several shots in the Form of a Meteor Shower ahead of  a certain monster's path.
it then lowers back underground. then, outside The Lich shows up and without any effort raises his defences of undead the Arch Fiends also ready themselves *

*The Moon*
*A large reptillain Creature crawls out of a cave without any effort it beats its Wings and flies to where an unknown satalite that belongs neither to Zot or any Nation on Earth It opens his mouth and with one clear blast destroys it It then proceeds to fly around and searches for more ready to destroy any other unknown objects* 

*Snow's Place moments before everything*
Doc: very well then. Please come back alive.*goes all the way through*
SB: and now its our turn…*he changes the portal location to Dimesion S,takes Snow's phone and as he goes in with Snow behind. he concentrates and feels what he was looking for, but he also feels something that moves out and amazingly still has track of it*…oh, that does it!*he then whips out his phone and writes a set of instructions to Morphblade and many at Zot he then waits a moment and gets the following replies:
SB: Morphblade, please go and get ready to get Claire, James can you please check the following coordnates I'm sending you and comfirm with our friends?* 
MB:already on my way…
 James: hold on…
James:…you are correct. “our friends” did confirm something odd floating around up in space, as well as our survallence detecting brief blips jumpnig a great distances.  We'll fire the “cannons” at once, at both of the coordanates you gave us.
SB: thank you.
(If I'm going to fall into a trap, the least I can do is even out the playing field and make sure everything doesn't go your way either!)*he quickly writes a note, then steps out at Station Square with Snow* Claire is at Jules' Pool Hall along with 2 others. Morphblade and 4 Clerics are going to be on the opposite end of that. Once everyone gets through, text me so that i may close it. As for me*draws a blade from his being still in sheath* I'm going hunting.*with that said he dashes off like lightining and blurs past Pico Leaving a note attached to his shoulder*
head to Jules' Pool hall . *the next part is instructions on how to get there* Snow should be there waiting. Hurry at once!
SB: (and now for the main course) *Dashing at great speeds he finds Damion and his army. with Little time he dashes though them catching them off guard unsheahing the blade crouched over. He then turns around to see several of the Demons fall over dead and the rest of them injured and filled with cuts and proceeds to have several tendrils at the ready.* Hi there. I take it your the reason that station square is torn to shreds?

*Doc's Lab*
Doc:*rolls Val in* oh Thank god I'm back. Now I can get some work done*with little time he takes her offt her gerny and gently places her onto his operation table he then opens his bag and drinks down Several Pink vials then he reconects to Val, reconects to the tentacle plug which he sucessfully used to free his patient from his own cord and began working on his underdevloped brain*
Never try to be the guy,otherwise everything will kill you!!!!
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Pico:*looks at the note* Snow…that name sounds familiar…well if i want answers then it looks like this is my best bet*starts running*
     *back with SB and Damion*
Damion:*raises a eyebrow in amusement*…haha…ha…HAHAHAHAHA!! those things were useless to me anyway. *summons a strange crystal behind his back* now die!*he charges in for an attack and about to strike but shadowblade had a face that says“i dont give a damn”..but suddenly*
Pico:geng way!*Pico supriseing both Damion and SB jumps on the deamons head and starts heading towards the pool hall*oops sorry!
Damion:why that little…
SB:*smirks and punches Damion* your fight is with me
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Claire: (Sure is. I can't even count how often I've imagined that. But…) What ifs and dreams don't help me open doors I don't got a goddamn key for. And I could swear I heardcha say ya don't like to think about'em either. *she examines the layout of the remaining balls; a solid right in front of the cue ball in the corner blocks most of her potential targets and is too close to be skipped as well; with no other choice left, she gives the cue ball but a slight tap, not hitting any of her stripes but not giving Rust an easy position to shoot either* Anyway, where ya from if obviously not Filthy Square? Don't got any family to worry 'bout?
Snow: *tackles the double wing door open, hammer ready for what might come* What in Heaven's name, Claire?! What are you doing here?!
Claire: *turns around as if she awaited him, not shouting but raising her voice above his annoyed* Talking about blood sucking relatives! What up, bro?
Snow: Why aren't you in Zot?! Do you have the least idea-
Claire: Oh, cut the crap! Yer the last guy I'd give enough of a damn on to justify myself!
Snow: You can shove your justifications down a troll's throat, the situation here is bad enough as it is without having you run around like a headless chicken!
Claire: Don'tcha worry about that, that'll only happen as long as you're around!
Snow: We can discuss that later, for now, do me the favor and do as I say ONE time and get your body back to Zot!
Claire: *changes her grip on the cue, now holding it like a baseball bat* How 'boutcha come and MAKE ME, ASSHOLE?!
Snow: Do NOT make me angry or I SWEAR YOU'RE GONNA BE SORRY!
MB: *standing in front of the portal watching the scene together with the clerics since a whole minute* Ahem.

- In Doc's lab… -

Val: *is slowly coming to her senses and looks around confused; her eyes go wide with intimidation as she remembers what happened; she then notices Doc's presence and tries for five minutes to formulate a sentence before she finally says* … I'm sorry, Doc. Where-where is Snow? I must tell him I'm sorry'…

- Meanwhile, - … somewhere… -

?????: I lost connection to our communications satellite.
Rheinheim: *humming the ›Ride of the Valkyries‹ as he hears this* Anozer bait catched, anozer part of ze plan successful. Wiz ze hybrrids in place where zey have fulfilled zeyr whole purpose, we don't need it anymore.
Remus: *enters the computer room*
Rheinheim: Welcome back, Rremus. How was your journey? *he laughs at his joke while disconnecting a USB cord from his wheelchair that led to the computer*
Remus: Cannon fire everywhere.
Rheinheim: Yes, yes, I saw it. Our enemy's arm is long, like ours was back in Rrussia. At least you managed to loose zem long before. Now, are you all up for ze meyn task?
Remus & ?????: Yes, professor.
Rheinheim: Wunderbar, wunderbar! Well, I can tell you are keen on starting, so I will not bore you wiz going over ze details again; You know what to do. Get in position and make sure to rreport to me when you are. I will open ze door for you zen.
Remus & ?????: *execute a gesture which looks like something between a nod and a salute and leave the room*
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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–Zot, 7th floor, Clinic—
*Lucy remains unconscious for nearly half-an-hour.  During that time, the clerics can find nothing wrong with him despite the fact that he recently fell 9 stories down an air duct, was completely covered in alien super-acid, slashed with said alien’s razor-sharp claws and thrown against a tree.  Their scans reveal no technological, psychic, nor magical means of protection on him.  When the attempt to draw a blood-sample for analysis the hypodermic needle cannot pierce his skin.  Neither do scalpels nor surgical lasers.  Mean-while, Lucy’s discarded and ruined coat as somehow regrown and repaired itself even down to the buckles.  Eventually, Lucy comes around.*
Lucy:  “uhngh.”  *he groans as he begins to shift about and sit up.* “that is the last time I ever run distraction duty.”  *he grumbles as he massages his eyes groggily.  His hand stop abruptly over his closed eyes and pats them a couple of times before the takes his hand away and his eyes come open with a start.* “Damnation!  Where the hell did my contacts go?!”  *without his contacts, the pupils of his eyes are clearly five-pointed stars instead of circles.*  
–Zot, 13th floor, Office—
Rhiannon:  “I never meant have Doc go insane…er.  I was just thought that he might have more insight on the situation due to his unique perspective.  As for the thought that Rheinheim is after magic… perhaps but I wouldn’t call that your strong-suit either.  Besides, magic isn’t something that can be stolen in and of itself.”  *she thinks for a moment.* “Okay, maybe mortal magic could be.  I really don’t know much about it.  Why don’t you give me that list and I will look over it.  Again, not my area of expertise, especially if he made these himself, but another set of eyes always helps.”
–Station Square, Jules’ Pool Hall—
Rust:  *begins to disassemble his pool cue with some frustration.* “it’s always something, isn’t it.”  *he mutters to himself.* “Look, I know that I am an outsider in all of this, but now is hardly the time for any of this.  The city’s in panic, some kind of attacks are going on all over the place, and people keep forgetting that Bittersweet here is not an object.  So you, spike-head-“ *he says pointing at Snow.*  “-let your sis be.  And you-“ *he says looking Claire in the eyes*  “can forget about the past for just one hour.  Lastly-“ *he says looking at the clerics and MB by the portal.*  “just… bugger off or something.  I don’t know.  Isn’t there something useful that you could be doing?  Shit.”  *he digs into his pocket and pulls out a handful of rings which he tosses on the pool table.* “I’m going for a walk.  Getting too old for this stuff.”  *he grouses as he makes his way for the door.*
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Claire: Great, just fucking dandy! Ya see whatcha did there?! *she gestures at Snow wildly* If I don't manage to drive'em away, then you do! The only guy I could actually come along with! Just fuck yourself in every possible ‘n’ impossible way! *she turns to Morphblade as he attempts to say something* Nobody wants your shit, so keep it to yourself! Congrats everybody, you got your bird back in its cage! *she pulls out about twice as much money as necessary and spills it all over the pool table and the floor before she paces to the portal with eyes shooting purple sparks in rage, and pushes one of the clerics out of the way to the ground as she steps through it*
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Pico:*ran as fast as he could till he entered the pool hall*..what…what did i miss*starts to breathe heavily noteing the small blood loss*
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Natalie: Oh your awake. good.*keeps her eyes from looking as a sign of respect*  sorry about your attire, but we needeed to check to see if you had any wounds in your…*hands him some clothing to change into from his patient's garb. on top of the shirt is a Lens Case containing his contacts* you know your an odd one… Most people that get injured  from an Omega Metroid need intensive healing or buried right after. 

*on the uppper floor*
Rob: true but books containing spells and Alchemy could be…*he shakes his head* Anyway point is its going to come down to the toss of a coin. Now then, most of the enemies he makes are dubbed “hybrids”. They are a mixture and assortment of various species of man Mobian and so on that are modified by the professor and given unique skills. They're strong but not unkillable. Bullets can harm, blades can harm them Monsters can harm them, magic can harm them, I'm sure even you can knock their souls out of their bodies with with that talented voice of yours. It just takes alot of it to do so…or precise shots to any leathal organs multiple times, or a few dozen metroids…speaking of, has Shadowblade ever told you about what he's done to some of them as of late?…gah losing focus, here *hands her the documents* take some time and go over these. I know they aren't much but its all we have 

*Doc's Lab*
Doc: Well Valary as of right now your husband is trying to save his sister. However there are just as pressing matters going on here. 
Val: Such as?
Doc: well for one, Me continuing to fix up your child. I just gave him a esophagus to breath and carry food to his digestive system. I am now begining to repair his mind. So if you could..please lie as still as you can as finishing a brain is harder than trying to repair a fullygrown one. Especially if someone is moving around. Also Val, he smiles apology accepted.

*Elsewhere in the world hours after the inital strike*
*The cities have been evacuated as best as they could. Zot renforcements arrive moments  after, also in a unique shape as well. from several helicopters and trucks many Scientists covered in armor hop out and tell the guards to leave the area at once. They then proceed to drive into each city.
As they go they notice the scenes of the attrcoties held within each area. Bodies littered the streets. One Group in England notices what remains of a family squashed under the hand of Big Ben Others in Flordia see what was once the most magical place on earth become something horendus as costume mascots and rides are torn to pieces. Burnt corpses and steel litter the park. In India the River runs red and temples now have holes in them debree covers everything making them have to make some detours. However only 3 things remain the same in all cases. Some corpses are marked with a lack of faith in the crainal area or chest, it is peaceful in what once were bustling areas, there are remains of landmarks and history lie everywhere.  It was indeed a land of the dead and the only thing alive were the troops  inside and the few fires that still burned.
Eventually they reached their destinations and unload the devices and hit a button they go as fast as they can and get out of the city limits. The devices activate all at once and… nothing happens. No chemicals released No creature to fly out to search and destroy. No explosions. No sound to be heard. There they sit hidden. Soon to quietly wipe the “distractions” from the map *

*at the intersection of Claire's room and Bar*
MB:  Pico there you are if you could I need you to head through this portal at once it seems your head is bleeding. *he looks to Snow and tilts his head signaling him to come in and points to the 4 Clerics to get out of Claire's room and escourt Pico to the infirmiry. he then steps out into the bar and looks to Snow* give her some time. Remember, there are others just as important that need you right now. If you were instructed to do anything else I'd advise you do so now.*he then turns his attention to Rust. he walks* you know, your really good at taking words right out of People's mouths. I know she has feelings and I know that this is a step back in what you were trying to do with her and your probably right I don't get it…*his tone changes*but what I do get is that she trusts you and that's good enough for me. *he picks up Claire's money and gets within range and talks quietly to him*  If you could, I'd like you both to try and finish your match later…*he hand him a number* text me when you find a good spot away from all this bloodshed. I'll take care of the rest.

*outside in Station Square*
*Demon bodies are falling all around going up and down and all around. Scattered limbs all around Shadowblade is having a blast. he lays a few blows then takes an onslaught from Damion who practacly bulldozes him and proceeds to beat his face in Each punch making shadowblade laugh louder *
SB:Oh Damion Isn't this fun!? you, me, and how obvious you are of a trap?!*he then stabs Damion's hand making him let go of the crystal* How intriguing…and here I thought that the he wasn't thinking about me.(Clever bastard bet he thought that would be the end there and try to use this boy as a kamakazi unit and use this to blow me up.) *he opens a portal underneath it sending outside Earth's pull away from the planet* As of right now that thing is on its way to…Mars? yeha that's about right. Anyway,*he the grabs Damion's Tail and drags him* come on we aren't done here…*he then sheathes his blade retracting it into himself and Pulls another one out It glows Purple and has a Divine Aura to it* Meet my lightbringer *stabs him through his back and part of his Right Wing listening to him scream in agony* See there's a reason why he sent you here. Its because he knew you'd make a good distraction. He knew you'd die and not even be a match for me despite the enhancements he likely gave you.*he then Leans Damion foward and pins it to the ground making sure Damion can't get out of it takes a few steps back letting, the sword do the rest* Even if you were to go back to him he'd likely kill ya.*he then watches as Damion gets up sword still in him and Claws at Shadowblade a few times* Dang boy you really got moxy. *he then takes his sword out taking a chunk of Damion's side noting how badly the monster is damaged and puts it away* any last words before you go kaputski?
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Snow: Right, I'll see you around. *he dashes out of the Pool Hall and texts Shadowblade the current situation and that he can close the portal now; the incoming message cuts but a bit into Shadowblade's attention towards Damion* (Now all I have to do is find him… Shouldn't be too hard, just follow the destruction.) *thus, he begins to search for his boss*

- In Doc's lab… -

Val: Alright. I won't freak out anymore. I really have no idea what's gotten into me there… *she closes her eyes and cuts a grimace* Ugh… Everything hurts…

- In the woods outside of Zot, carefully hiding before the security staff… -

?????: *observes the security troops' patterns of movement and whispers to Remus* Let me do the talk. Your voice would draw a bit too much attention.
Remus: *shows his displeasure about that comment and plays hurt, but nods*
?????: Professor? We're there.

- In the computer room… -

Rheinheim: Wonderful, you two. Just give me zörty seconds, or less. *he chuckles* Ze so called »Securrity Sleepers« will have you notice once I opened you ze door. Be prrepared; we will not be able to communicate anymore after zis. End my dear, you will feel a short pain durring zis. I em sorrry, but it must be. *his voice speaks concern and genuine remorse*
?????: I already guessed so much from the update.
Rheinheim: I await your rretörn. *he then hits a few keys not suited for blind users on his wheelchair with often practiced routine*

- Orbiting around the Earth hundreds of kilometres above Zot and not too far away from the space roaming Bahamut, a small satellite picks up work. Several flaps on its front open, layer by layer, revealing a not at all impressive laser cannon. The solar panels on the satellite readjust to fully take in the Sun's energy. The cannon's tip glows in a static eruption for the splinter of a wink. Then, the flaps close again and the satellite continues its silent float through space. Down on Earth, nobody could even see any of this happening - but everybody notices the effect. All lamps in and around Zot suddenly shine with a multitude of their brightness and explode almost all at the same time as if shot by a gun. Computers burst in sparks, screens shatter, fridges as well as cookers crackle and cease work along with all other devices in the tower that depend on electricity, walkie talkies screech deafening until the speakers eventually obliterate themselves. The electrical overcharge leaves behind a myriad of broken devices and a formerly technologically highly developed tower thrown back into the Middle Age. -

Security member: *stomps on his walkie talkie so it would finally get quiet* D'argh, my darned ears! What was that?
Squad leader: I got no idea, but something fried our communication. I'd rather not, but I fear that was an EMP strike. Someone thinks they can screw around with us!
Remus: *tries his best to whisper silently; luckily, the confusion all around drowns out his stone grinding voice* This is our opening. Come on!
?????: *doesn't respond and goes to her knees collapsing like a corpse; before Remus can react or say something, she pushes herself up again and shakes her head under the black cape she's wearing* (Now I get what he meant with »This is gonna hurt«. So that's what the Instant Reboot Program was for.) Come, we must take our chance. *she crawls out of the bush, careful not to make any noise, and gets on her feet, though still crouched down; when she doesn't move, she can't be seen at all, and even if she does, one could only catch a glimpse of her if not looking directly at her*
Remus: *follows her, far better visible, but still not a lot, and even as silent as her; they arrive by the front door unseen and see the security code panel by its side broken and sparking; he tries to push the gate open, but it remains locked* Can you fix that lock?
?????: It's done for. But I can make you a new one. Give me just a minute… *she remains silent and her cape starts flapping slowly; thousands of microscopic objects float out from under the hood and the borders and invade the panel, gliding through the smallest gaps; shortly after, they can hear the door unlocking and ????? opens it just wide enough to squeeze through, clearing the lobby, which, in lack of any starlight, is even darker than the outside, before she gestures Remus to follow; they hear confused talk and here and there some particularly loud voices, but nothing in their direct surroundings* That was the easy part.
Remus: Yeah, and it's not really going to get any harder for you. You know where your target is. I don't!
?????: Might be, that is. Stop complaining, in the worst case, you have to search through four floors, that's few enough for you lazy bugger. Anyway, let's split up. *still in the middle of her sentence, she already heads for the staircase half running, half sneaking, and heads up while Remus searches for a way downstairs*
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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–Zot, 7th Floor, Clinic / just before the electric strike—
Lucy:  *snatches the contacts and hastily puts them on.*  (how in heaven’s blasted name am I supposed to escape my heritage with eyes like that.)  *he then strips off the hospital gown.*  “intensive healing?  Nah, only dead souls can get injured.”  *he says as though it is only common knowledge.  He then begins to think out loud.*  “huh, I suppose you could heal them but I don’t know why you’d bother; they bounce right back on their own.  Medical is kind of a pointless place on earth; you know, without the dead souls.”  *He says in reflection. Then, added hastily after.*  “eh, no offense intended.  Man, I am not with it today.”  *he seems completely indifferent to his unclothed status and too curious to bother with them at the moment.  It’s as though he has no shame, but considering how well he is endowed maybe there isn’t much shame in letting it all hang out.*
–Zot, 13th floor, Office / just before the electric strike —
Rhiannon:  *flips through the list.*  “yeah, I have no experience to draw on for any of these.  To be honest, I think you’re probably wasting your time with me.  As for knocking their souls from their bodies; get real.  Banshee are harbingers of death for selected families, not reapers like Keres.  Hell, I don’t even know if those constructs have souls. Is there seriously no one else to talk to about tactics against a mostly unknown foe?  I’m really out of my depth here.”
–Station Square—
Rust:  “what makes you so sure that I’m walking away from the bloodshed?”  *he says in a dangerous the-devil-may-care way.*  “forget the pool game for now, it was never really about that anyway. Think about this instead; your main defenses at Zot, should everything go wrong like it’s had a tendency to of late, are demons, archfiends, monsters and the undead.  Too many of them about can make Claire do whatever all you’re afraid of.  So tell me, Morphblade, when the tower itself gets hit will you find yourself fighting your unknown foes, or Claire?”
–Zot, 7th Floor, Clinic / after the electric strike—
Lucy:  “aw, God spite me!”  *he curses as all the electronics fail at once and the room is plunged into darkness after a flash of light.*  “this is just like Georgia all over again!”  *he says in frustration.*  “somebody tell me, is this a weekly thing or are we in a situation?  Another situation that is.”
–Zot, 13th floor, Office / after the electric strike —
Rhiannon: (the dragon’s ire, more fierce than fire, laid low their towers and houses frail.)  *she thinks to herself somewhat surreally as the electronics of the tower all simultaneously fail.*  “then again, a dark, dead tower is exactly the kind of thing I can handle.”  *she zips across the room and grabs something she found stashed in one of the drawers earlier.  She hands one of two items to Rob and says simply*  “Lesser sending stone, pretend it’s a two way radio.  I’m going to go tell Shadowblade what’s happened here; Lucy should still have still have a stone that sends to him.  Keep in touch if anything happens while I’m gone.”  *with that, she dives unseen through the floor toward the medical ward.* (how quickly sanctuaries turn to crypts when the lights are out.  Damn, I really hope there is some kind of backup system.)
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                                        *before the clinics lights went out Greg was stitching up Picos head*
greg:so you dont remember anything? even how you first found zot?
Pico:yeah…it makes me confused just trying to remember my past
Greg:damnit not now! someone give me light!*a cleric gave him a torch*ok now where was i oh yes your stitches are done…but im afraid i dont know if your memory problem is permanant or temperary
Pico:*scratches the back of his head as he gets up*thanks anyway
Greg:woah where do you think you are going?
Pico:id rather go for a walk then be blind as a bat in here
*as Pico walked out of the clinic he bumps into Mia*
Mia:Pico you're alright!*she then hugs him which causes him to blush*
Pico:(i dont know why but i feel safe all the sudden)uh…who are you?
                             *back with Shadowblade*
 Damion:go…f$£€ yourself!*Damion puts his claws on SB,s body and unleashed unusual energy that caused a shockwave that hit earth causeing anyone with high enough energy to be drained to a certain extend*
                             *back with Pico*
Mia:P..Pico what are you talking about?*the shockwave hit Pico causeing his already weak body to faint*Pico!
a hero is born from the mostly unlikely of people.the question is are you man enough to be that hero?
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Snow: *hauls back up to his feet recovering from the shockwave* (Ugh, why do I have the feeling that this wasn't your random ordinary earthquake?) *he proceeds his way until eventually finding Damion and Shadowblade* I am here. Victory is assured. *he looks over Damion and his horrible state of health* Ehh, I see you could handle him. Looks like I get to steal your kill! *he flicks his fingers and creates an ice spear shooting at Damion, however, it's unusually small, drips as if already melting and then breaks in half before dropping to the ground halfway through like a too short aimed cannonball* … Ex- …cuse me? *he tries to summon his hammer; nothing happens* (Okay, that's new.) On the other hand, I better leave him to you, Shadowblade.

- In Doc's lab, the tower shakes a tiny bit, not even enough to feel it; only the lamps shake a bit and the surfaces of liquids, water in glasses as well as any other water like liquids in tubes or aquariums, get disturbed. -

Val: Ugh… Doc, this pain is unbearable… Can you maybe… give me something? *she starts passing out; Doc can feel her heartbeat weakening dangerously*

- Zot's basement… -

Remus: *hides in a corner until he can hear one of the black mages walking by; in half a second and not giving it the chance to shout or say an incantation, he pulls his victim into the corner and injects him with a needle sticking out of his wrist* You think you know what's terrifying? You think you know what the evil looks like? Look in the mirror, then at me. You know what good looks like? Look at me, then in the mirror. There is no good and evil, and there is no force that will save you from me. *holding the mage with one hand that fully wraps around his body a good four feet above the ground, he takes the other off his face and pulls at his cloak, revealing what's underneath; the mortified mage's face lights up green as he looks at him; the adrenaline along with a special mixture from Rheinheim that amplifies fear by a thousand times, do their rest; quietly, urine runs down his legs and quickly forms a growing puddle below his feet* There is no reality besides my presence, so you better give me what I want. *he lets a chain run down his free hand and pulls it around the mage's neck; although here and there, small green fires light up, the chain feels cold like ice* Where… *he pulls a bit at the chain, tightening it around his neck a bit* … are… *the heavy breathing mage starts struggling with his breath* … the magic scrolls… of this tower? Dare lie to me, and learn what pain means. *he brings the black mage close to his eyes; the chemicals make them look like devouring darkness emerges his pupils, starting to creep towards him, denying his brain to catch only one rational thought*

- On the way upstairs to the second floor… -

?????: *staggers and falls as if dead as the shockwave from Station Square hits the tower; a second later, she gets up again* (Gah… What the Hell is it with this good for nothing update? |Notification#1107: Skills and Abilities Category 1 to 1357 uninstalled. What do you wish to do?| The devil…? Reinstall in an instant. |Reinstalling. Progress: Forty seven percent complete. Eighty nine percent complete. Reinstall successful. History retrieved. History access established.| How in the world did this happen? … I need to perform a full scan as soon as I can.) *putting her attention back to the task at hand, she makes sure nobody noticed her presence in this just moment, and proceeds to ascend the stairs*
Optimism is like eating healthy. If you don't know any pro recipes, you're going to have a terrible time trying to pull through with it.
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*around the world in each area the hybrids lie, they feel something wrong with themselves they feel ill fom something but can't detect what eventually their breathing is no longer their own and after some time they explode.*
Jack:*pulls down the binoculars* looks like it worked… they couldn't hear it coming and amout of dB emitting from the machines, was more than enough to do them in.
Alec: then let's get back to base then. *he picks up his comm* Zot tower mission accomplished we're heading back, Over.*they try and radio in but no responce is heard…presuming that the wost case senario has begun, they reach for the stones and contact Brian* Brian, what's going on over there, over?

*At Zot the lights go out and several machines fall Victem one of them being Jasmine. She lets out an inhumaine scream and cries out in agony. In time she will recover however for now she remains useless with Nene not knowing what to do another being the sentries. However the suffers the most is Frank. being half human and already damaged in eariler combat he feels himself slipping in andout of Death's grasp. He screams in agony as it fries him…his life now hangs by a simple thread of Will. However despite this setback the Members and Staff still stand and remain rational The command center despite loosing command has already fried all the computers switches over to another Interface Several Magic balls float around the room each one for sevral communications for outside the tower and inside the tower. The guards noting that their electronics aren't working reach into each of their back pockets and pull out a Stones that allow communcation. Clerics Illumante the place with their abilities for the time being. At once Ninjas specializing in repairs are called and start to restore the tower starting with the 13th Floor within minutes they get everything back online Several head tothe 12th floor to work on the computers that were damaged others head to the main generator to work on it. They know it'll take the longest to fix however its better than nothing Elsewhere in the Tower the backup generators in the Tower start and slowly the power is restored to the Tower. As it boots up it activates its original defense system summoning Ice Lizards, Hellhounds Frost Beasts, Gremlins, Centuar Knights, Fell Turtles and Slimes of all sorts to random areas of the tower from hallways to staircases to deal with the intruders Red Lights shoud the halls and rooms…all but Doc's room which recieves a small flicker and nothing more. he just shrugs and continues to work on his patient*
Brian:*pulls up a stone* we're being invaded. I can't say how many but some of our mages
are checking it out.
Alec: we'll be there at once.
Brian: No, stick to the plan. go find “it”
Alec: …understood. *he then passes on the info to the rest and the scientists move out to do their next objective*

*In Space*
Bahamut:*Sweatdrop* (ohh I am in trouble…)*one Megaflare later… the new sattlite with the EMP is destroyed*(I'm really hoping that Shadowblade doesn't terminate our agreement for that slipup. Eh he's probably fine. I mena really that guy can't be beaten so easily and I doubt he'll let anyone try to beat them without one hell of a fight.)

*Zot, Clinic after the strike*
Natalie:you really don't know…do you? This world while has undead in it that bend the laws of nature is comprsied of living beings once wounded beyond a point they cease functioning and die their souls then go to heavean or hell.*she then lights up the room with her magic and sees * Anyway, if you could please put something on your likely needed by others to get rid of these intruders and they don't want to be distracted by “the skin” your showing…

*At the Bar*
MB:*as soon as he was about to say something he's givin information through the stone and hears Claire swear the nothing works and that her door is locked*yeha you have a point… *with little haste he runs into Claire's room and throws Claire into Rust's arms hearing her curse his name in for the rough toss.  He goes through her stuff gathering some basic items for survival and Finds “The Pill” and puts it in a small box that Shadowblade originaly delivered it to her in. he then walks back out to Rust handing the essentials to Claire for her to put away along with her money* Change of plans. Rheinhiem's bastard children are in the tower. I'd advise you get out of here now. *he then feels something unsusal coming. within seconds he figures out what it is, with great haste he puts up a modified version of his anti-magic barrier avoiding the oncomming shockwave and depletion of his strengths and skills. his being and those who were within Range of his barrier are uneffected. however. it is not without a heavy cost. Because of Eariler events with Claire he had no time to restore his body with his “usual soak” and colaspes onto his knees silencing Claire with this sudden action. depite keeping his physical peak, his body is now in no condition what so ever to fight and strains itself to move, knowing his life force is fading and likely has perhaps a few hours at most to try and restore himself*hah…hah… well, what are you guys waiting for?  

*Moments before the shockwave hits Zot in the basement*
Lich:*walking with Steven* …do you feel that?
Steven: I do…Damon Energy drain. C-class.
Lich: can you counter it?
Steven: *shakes his head* If it began Farther away, perhaps. However I can save of few  from its effect at the very least.
Lich: How many?
Steven: *he thinks for a minute of those he respected and narrowed it down while at the Tower*myself included, 10 at most. What about you and the other 7?
Lich:*a wicked bony grin goes across his face* Those bound and chosen to serve Chaos are immue to such hellish tactics. The only thing that will be weak is the monsters that me and sacrmiglione call forth, we will be limited but, the rest of our powers should work fine. Now hurry and Pick those you think are worth saving…
Steven:*begins conjuring at once and chooses to cover several people the first being himself, followed by Sarah, Cole, Zack, Dan the Bassist, Cecil, Rob and Rupert. Before he could get to any others he wished to save the waved passed over and he cursed under his breath.

*The wave hit Zot like a plauge knocking over any scorrcer, Wizard, White mage and Cleric to the ground. Weakened and in agony. Ironicly the students were the safe ones as they haven't learned much and had any time to devlope their new found skills. None were safe. well except for those chosen and a pair of 4 on the 8th floor in two seperate*
Lich: you did all you could…*he feels something* excuse me for a moment. I have to deal with something…

*7th floor, Clinic*
Nataile:*Screams in pain and falls into Lucy's arms*…Ru-ruper…t.*passes out and in outside several other thuds are heard and Doctors are shocked to see their magic collgues just drop so suddenly*
Greg:What the hell just happened?!

*With Pico and Mia*
Mia: *already confused and scared she starts to get upset*no…NO!!!*She begins to cry* please I don't want to lose you…Already once before I had come close, and now I ask you that you come back from this…*she can't muster her voice to go on any further and let's her mind speak(don't go…please, We love you and don't think we could ever move on. )

*in Doc's room*
Doc:*notices her condition as he fixes the child*(not good if this keeps going we could lose her…)*he then gets an idea with haste he turns to his table and streches and makes a concotion to streghten her* he then injects himself with it and feeds it to Val's system. Within minutes her innards start easing up and cool down, her heartbeat stable tempreture normal and any internal swelling is gone.* (that should do for now and allow me to finish my work on the boy before I get to her.)

*In the Basement*
Lich: that's enough!*in a quick flash Remus is cut multiple times to let go of the mage drop to the ground.*he then casts something and makes the Mage vanish elsewhere on the upper levels and knocked out* Torturing mages?  You call yourself fear yet in your eyes I see it gleem bright. *he raises his hands and summons at least a Dozen undead soldiers that died down here when torvek attacked armed and ready*(tch, only 12? it'll have to do I guess)*he then casts Haste on himself to speed things up* you want terror then you came to the right floor. Welcome to the Cavern of Fiends!

*outside in Station Square*
SB:*from the blow he trembles and falls to his knees his head tilted down and closes his eyes when he opens them they darken he then stands and everything about his being changes* you…you really shouldn't have DONE THAT!!!!*despite being weakened he takes  Damion's head clean off and watches his body stumble back then fall.* …weak… very weak…need energy…*he then opens up a small hole and reaches inside of his being. After playing around his generator, a blue fire starts to surround him. His attire changes from black to while and has what appears to be black thorns racing up them. the change leaves Snow confused more than before*(…I'm low on energy I need to return and recharge…however it is my duty to at least give everyone some hope. Even if it means useing this damned state again and…it has to be done.)*after making his decision he speaks* Snow, I'm heading back to Zot. If I may suggest, you may want to do so too…here*he then opens up a portal which i glowing unnaturaly* take this to the 8th floor and go see Doc. I'm going to go and take care of one or 2 things before heading back. once everything settles come find me at once. Are we clear?
Never try to be the guy,otherwise everything will kill you!!!!
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