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Niccea at 4:39PM, April 16, 2014
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So it is looking like the Photographic and Sprite comic categories will be cut this year. Are there any underserved genres or styles that may deserve there own awards?
Best Adventure Comic:
Quests, missions, explorations, and/or other dangerous or exciting ventures. 
Best Adult-oriented Comic:
A-rated comics. XXX No one under 18 admitted! Live nudes! Or excessive violence. Or both!
Best All Ages Comic:
Child-friendly comics that the whole family can enjoy.
Best Anthropomorphic Comic:
They act like people and think like people, but they look like foxes or dolphins or toasters.
Best Community Project:
Comics and projects that bring together a variety of DD members for 
massive synergy! (DD Awards are not eligible, for giving ourselves an 
award would create a paradox vortex from which there is no escape.)

Best Fantasy Comic:
Magical, mythical, mystical, marvelous. Comics set in fantastical 
settings, involving magic or mythical creatures, abilities, or beings.
Best Horror Comic:
The dark, scary, and twisted. Monsters, psychological thrillers, and
 ax-wielding psychos all have their place among these wonderfully 
horrific comics.

Best Humor Comic: 
Gags, jokes, lols, roflmaos, and such. Format and subject matter aren't important. It just has to make you laugh.
Best Mystery/Crime/Noir:
Crime drama, police, mobsters, mysteries, hard-boiled detectives, and/or meddling kids. 
Best Parody/Tribute:
Comics that use the characters, worlds, or creations of other creators. It's not copyright infringement! It's an homage! 
Best Philosophical/Political Comic:
Make-you-think comics that address deep topics from the spiritual and philosophical to the cultural or political. 
Best Sci-fi Comic:
A form of speculative fiction so named because the fantastical 
elements are rooted in or explained by actual or fictional scientific 
Best Superhero Comic:
Too super for other categories. 
Comics that make use of the THIRD DIMENSION (oo, ah) or appear to.
*Best Action Within A Comic   : 
Chase scenes, fights, big explosions; CRASH POW ZOOM – you know the stuff
Best Manga Style Comic:
Comics inspired by the artistic style and conventions of Japanese cartooning.

Best Romance in a Comic:
Girl/boy, boy/boy, girl/girl, girl/girl/boy, man/alien, or whatever.
 It's all about LOVE! Love love love love love love love love. Maybe 
some hate too, and some other things, but romantic relationship(s) take 
center stage.

Most Deliciously Offensive:
These f&%#@ comics might p^@(# you the f*^^@* off.

Best Background Art:
The background, setting, environment, and surroundings. Including architecture, scenery, furniture, vehicles, etc.
Best Character Design:
The artistic design of the characters. This includes anatomy, facial
 expressions, and clothing (but not speech, mannerisms, or 
Best Comic Layouts:
The components of visual storytelling that harmonize the artwork 
into a page and direct flow and pacing. Includes panel shape and 
position, placement of speech balloons, lettering, and general 
Best Dialogue:
It's all about what they say and how they say it.
Best Plot Development:
The overall story composition and pacing, and the use of storytelling elements.
**Best Use of Medium: 
Whether the comic is in black and white or full color, the author does a good job at using it.
Most Improved Art:
The comic that shows the most artistic improvement between July 2011 and now.
*Best Protagonist:
Contrary to popular belief, the protagonist is the main character of the story whether they are good or evil. 
*Best Antagonist:
Opposes the protagonist. Doesn't necesarily have to be evil 
incarnate, it could be Superman in a comic about Lex Luthor for example.
Best Supporting Character:
A noteworthy secondary character; can be good, bad, or other.

**Outstanding Achievement Within the Community:
 user that will win this award is always there to particpate in the 
community no matter what. These people show their support for the site 
within the forums and by participating in community projects.

Most Dedicated Creator:
That creator who seems to be a page-making machine, every day on 
time – or maybe the one who has been at it forever and has a thousand 
pages of the most amazing quality – or the one who is updating five 
different regular comics on a schedule. Whatever they are doing, they 
sure are DEDICATED.

Most Supportive Reader:
Maybe they leave the most comments or the most insightful ones, or 
they draw wonderful fanart, or they are always available to discuss your

script ideas or send you cards when you're on hiatus.

Best Completed Comic:
Comics that were concluded sometime between July 2013 and now. (Indefinite hiatus doesn't count.)
Best Overall Comic Strip:
Best webcomic with stand-alone updates or short, unrelated story arcs, usually in a horizontal or vertical strip format.
Best Overall Story Comic:
Best webcomic that tells a continuous story, usually in full page format.
**Create Your Own Award
Didn't see the proper award for the comic/person you were thinking of on this 
list? Make one up. Create your own award and give it a winner. Best 
awards will be chosen by a dedicated team of judges. 
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Doodstormer at 10:21PM, April 17, 2014
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Out of curiosity, do the Protagonist/Antagonist categories also include duos/teams/squads as well as individuals? I've noticed it's a common theme in many of the comics I read lately as well as my own for the characters to work with equal partners more than sidekicks/henchmen.
Niccea at 3:11PM, April 18, 2014
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We have tried to have a seperate award for duo/teams, but it didin't work out too well. 
A comic is not limited to having only one protagonist nominated though. Usually before it ended, both Angie and Carmen from Death P*rn recieved the nomination. So, unless there is a resounding chorus to expand the protagonist nomination to multiple people within a comic, it would be best to push for the stronger character to get the nomination (and make sure the vote doesn't get split).
El Cid at 5:58AM, April 19, 2014
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It looks pretty well streamlined! I don't see anything that stands out as “boy, we really need to get rid of that one!”
(gotta be sure to update that description for Best Completed Comic, though)
ironhand at 12:15PM, April 27, 2014
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Just stopping by, and I don't know much about the awards personally (mainly because I like to tune in to vote and see the winners) - what about a best writer/best artist award? I could see how this could become too wide a topic, though and probably hard to control in terms of getting votes. 
Stop looking at my signature and read my comics!!
bravo1102 at 9:48AM, April 29, 2014
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Since we've ditched the sprite and photography dead weights, how about rolling best 3D/poser into a Best use of medium Non-traditional category split from Best use of medium?

Drawn comics will always win best use of medium nomatter how well done anything else is so why not split it so someone doing anything different has a chance in hell of getting some recognition?

I know how severely predjudiced the folks are here in terms of art style but if there's manga award why not a non-traditional medium award? Non-tradtional could also absorb the abstract category so several unpopular awards could be rolled into one.  Non-traditional could also recognize mixed media and uniquely digital layouts that do not ape traditional comic styles.
Niccea at 6:30AM, April 30, 2014
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I think that sounds like a reasonable idea bravo. It will fill in the gap from the awards we took away if there was an overarching one like that.

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