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shinka at 5:10AM, Jan. 24, 2014
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Hi everyone,
I've been here for a couple years now.
My latest webcomic isn't known much so I would like to let you know a little about it.
Since our only (reward) is our readers and comments etc… it would be fun to get some.
We can only get better….learning from each others etc….
My style is a mix of American,Japanese and caricatural styles all together.
No it's not full realistic faces etc…some is different etc ( i know ) it's the point.
All pages are full colored, English , and this webcomic is rated 16….. (violence and gore but no nudity)…
Feel free to take a look.
I don't think you'll suffer from it lol :)
Come and say hi too… I'll be glad to reply.

SCI-FI/ACTION Webcomic. Rated 16 (violence,gore,no nudity). Full colored pages.
Main website :
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Rachel87 at 3:48PM, Jan. 24, 2014
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Hi:) I'll take a look at your newest comic, I always like finding good comics in their beginning stages and seeing how they progress:)

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