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VILLAIN: Shard/Nth
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There is a substance that gives you super powers (well, if it doesn't kill you).  Let's call it ‘shard’ - it does kind of look like chunks of ground glass.

No one's really sure of where it comes from or how it does what it does. Or why some people are apparently being covertly dosed with it as well as it being sold on the streets. Or why shard users often start acting strange and sometimes even suddenly disappear.

In truth, shard is actually fragments of an extra-dimensional sentient universe. Universe names are rarely pronounceable by the human tongue, so we'll call it ‘Nth’ .  Nth feels a bit cramped, frankly - and our universe looks like a lovely spacious place to expand to.

Nth found a crack between universes . Just big enough to slip a little of itself through in the form of shard.

Nth can grant a small portion of its power to people who ingest shard. It can also seize control of them and use them as its fingers in our realm.

That's about all it can manage. But if someone were to open the door from our side? Ah, then Nth could physically manifest at least a significant fraction of itself.  Perhaps only Energize would have had the power to directly oppose him then.  Such a shame Energize is dead.

And once Nth is manifest here, it will be mere child's play for it to tear open the doorway and expand into our universe fully, supplanting it.

I suggest Nth as an overall arc villain for Season 2 Heroes Alliance.  As an apocalyptic-level threat, Nth is a worthy season villain. But, because it starts off comparatively weak, operating through an increasingly powerful and sizable army of proxy agents, it provides an escalating threat over the season.

At first HA probably wouldn't even recognise the connection between the villains they were facing. 
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