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HERO: Chaos
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This is a hero character I came up with a while back and would like to use in “Hero Features Presents”.
Ben Wyndham was a teen genius (he's now in his early 20s) and a bit of a scientific superstar who got rich off his patents by the age of 12.  He used his wealth to indulge his private fascination for the martial arts, training with masters from around the world, obsessed with discovering the elusive formula for martial arts perfection.  Despite his best efforts and a high degree of natural aptitude, he found himself unable to break martial arts mastery down into a scientific formula.  
Until one day, he was visiting his sifu in China for his monthly lesson and always ineffectual attempt to defeat sifu in hand-to-hand.  He watched and waited while sifu graciously assisted in training a group of novices.  Sifu had one student come at him to demonstrate defensive posture.  The student tripped and sprawled flailing, striking sifu and knocking him down as he fell.  Ben laughed and laughed and laughed and, as the koans say: at that moment Ben was enlightened.  Profoundly absorbing the lesson, Ben became the embodiment of randomness, his moves equal parts unpredictable and implausible.
In my head, in his first adventure leading up to him donning the costume he would've faced off against Jack-of-all-Trades from the Delegation of Hurt. Jack would've been responsible for the death of Prudence's former partner Patience.  Jack would have been unable to copy Chaos's combat style because it's completely inconsistent from moment to moment.
Costume: As the hero Chaos he wears a costume composed of a biopolymers of his own design across which bright colours constantly flow and morph and shift (imagine if Rorschach's mask was made of bright clashing colours and covered his entire body).  The lower arms and legs are dark.  Combined with how distracting the constantly changing torso is, this makes his limbs harder to notice and counter at night The biopolymer provides more protection than Kevlar.

Prudence is Chaos's base-command and performs an intelligence function. She is the surviving half of the heroic once-duo Prudence and Patience and was saved by Chaos in the encounter that left Patience dead.
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