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LF: A writer who can also be a pal.
machineboy at 3:23AM, Feb. 19, 2014
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Hey guys, 
I signed up here because I figured I would be most likely too find help on Drunkduck. 
What I am essentially looking for is a writer who would be happy to pal up and write an awesome comic with me. I'm an artist - I'll use that term loosely - and i'm not too fabulous with being able to write interestingly. Ideally I need someone who is pretty active on the internet! ( we can exchange skypes, email, messenger and generally chat a bunch and develop my ideas further. ) Really and truthfully I need someone laid back and someone who likes to chat.
The comic I have in mind will involve gore as well as some mature themes, so you'll need to be okay with that. Character death will also be a thing, so if you're not at all happy with this sort of thing it's probably better for you to not involve yourself in the project. 
Now, what's in it for you? 
I've had a mixed bag of opinions so far on what I could offer- other than a joint partnership. Because I draw, a lot of people have expressed that they think art in exchange for writing would be a good way to start. I'm cool with including your characters in the comic too, if we joint collaborate on it. If you want to completely seperate yourself from the comic and just do writing on a when-you-can basis, I can also offer some kind of compensation. 
I'm not going to openly comment on what the comic will be about, as it's something I've kept mostly secret until now- but it'll be modern and based in an alternate reality. I definitely feel it is something we can get to take off if we work hard!! ‘w’/ 
unfortunately there are not many places i constantly post to regarding art, but here are a few examples from last year.
I hope this at least piques your interest! You can either comment here or PM me if you want to discuss this or team up! Thank you!! ☆彡
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