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[Story idea] HA : Downtime
irrevenant at 2:28PM, Feb. 25, 2014
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HA have just saved the world from impending destruction. Again.  And now things are quiet.

This issue will explore what the HA team get up to when they're *not* saving the world. 

Bombshell spends all her spare time scheming, of course. :P  But what about the others?  Do they hang around the base? Go home to spend time with friends and family? Go on patrol rather than just sit? 

It's an opportunity to to learn a little bit more about our heroes and explore their interactions during quieter moments. 

I imagine this issue will consist of two main elements: (a) Interactions between the heroes who are just hanging around the base, and (b) interspliced vignettes about what the other heroes are up to on their ‘day off’. It might even be fun to include a quick one about an HA master villain taking time to do their shopping or something. xD

Elements A and B could be written and drawn separately, then combined into a single issue. The different B story segments could actually each be written by each character's creator. 

I see four basic ways we can go about combining the different stories:
1. More-or-less completely separate - like Heroes Alliance #1 and the origin stories that preceded it.
2. Element A is the ‘main’ story that cuts away every so often to tell a B story.
3.  Like #2 but the B stories are cut up and spread throughout the main plot. 
4.  The different stories are fully integrated to form a single coherent work. eg. Azumorph and Comet Kid are hanging about the base, speculating that on his day off, Peligroso practices his glowering at which point it cuts to a page of Peligroso enjoying the ballet. :D  Peligroso wonders if everything's okay at base and it cuts back to… 

Personally I vote for #3. #4 would be awesome but very, very hard to coordinate.  The only downside to #3 is that authors would have to write their stories so they still make sense when read broken up. 

I personally envision the  story ending with an earth-shattering crisis arising, a shrug and an “Oh well, back to it…”  xD

I realise this is hecka vague.  Partly that's because this isn't actually a story per se - it's a framework to hang stories off. And partly it's because I see it as an opportunity for individual character creators to tell stories that reveal a bit more about their characters and I don't want to tread on their toes too much (though the Peligroso ballet thing is a MUST! :P). 
ironhand at 11:22PM, Feb. 25, 2014
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Great stuff, I like this a lot. Part of me could imagine Azumorph going to visit the graves of those who died when he was Chango Presto, before going out with Comet Kid for a little while. Amalgam would most likely still be searching for CLAW. Perhaps Shell goes home and watches films with Brad Stone in them! This would be a really nice issue, with perhaps one running plot (maybe one character is heading somewhere throughout the entire issue, and at the end they reach their destination or whatever…) so the issue doesn't seem like a filler. I like this alot, though.
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Nepath at 1:30AM, Feb. 26, 2014
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Great idea. A much more challenging issue that it sounds but if it can be pulled off then would be really cool. I think it is only worth replying to this thread with solid ideas that you can try to follow through. (The HA threads all tend to start with a defined point and then turn into endless chatter). They lose focus.
So…I will try to do something for this project, if I get it done it will be about Titan and the fact that she has no one here in this time. I might make it about her seeking out Gaea who would have been her mother, or i might have her meet Lucy Energize. 
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irrevenant at 8:56PM, Dec. 20, 2014
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SUX is suggesting that the young heroes (Vora, Harmony, Blue Jay and Comet Kid) sneak about the complex seeing how everyones favorite demonic biker relaxes on a seemingly normal day off ( http://www.theduckwebcomics.com/forum/topic/176745/?page=1#latest ).  That could be a very cool subplot - or even framing device.
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