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Writer looking for artist! Wait hear me out
Churchthesniper at 5:35PM, March 7, 2014
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Now that I have your attention I need to first say this will not be a commission based project. The goal here is for us both to get out there. Get a story going with great artwork and just basically get out there. (I said that twice, but oh well) Now things to note I have two ideas. Both Drama/Romance related. If you read manga, more specifically Seo Kouji's work you'll be familiar with my style. That being said Seo Kouji is my inspiration for my story, but I'm not going to be ripping anything off. The world for both stories is a “futuresque” world. By that I mean its a world unfamiliar to us, but there will be mentions to actual locations. My idea here is that the world became a giant melting pot where people from all countries can gather together in relative peace. I'm rambling sorry let me get to the ideas! (I'm really bad at writing the plot down in this way, I'm much better at doing the full story) Side note We'll do a oneshot esque series first before we get into these ideas. this way we can both get a feel for the other one. (Names of characters subject to change)
Idea 1: Incomplete:
Virginia had always wanted to travel, and so when it was time for her to go to college she chose one in a different country. She left her friends, and family behind. She moves in to an apartment building where she bumps into a man who was standing on the roof. She tried to go speak to the man, but he ignored her. The next day she finds that that man is not only living next to her, but goes to her college. Why was he so cold to her? 
Idea 2: The Things We Share:
Michael was many things, kind, trustworthy, a friend, but the one thing he was not was a good boyfriend. In his 18 years he had had several girlfriends, and each one he ruined her life. It got to the point he couldn't walk down the streets of the small country town he lived in without running into one of them. So he decided to go to college in a different city (something no one in his town had ever done). He leaves everything behind, his family abandons him, the only thing they agreed to do was to pay for his tuition. The first day in he meets Ana a junior in college, and two years older then him. She takes him into her group of friends, and everything in his life changes.

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