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Help: Looking for old mecha comic here on DD
AlterOfYume at 9:22AM, March 20, 2014
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Hi guys, I need some help remembering the name of a comic I used to read here YEARS back. I can't quite remember the name, and even the storyline's a bit hazy, but here are some facts I remember about it:
Comic style: Manga, with pastel like coloring. I think the author even made an animated opening for it on youtube.
1. Main characters were a girl with orange hair, and a guy with long black hair. Black haired guy had a brother who was one of the villains of the story.
2. There was a story arc in a colliseum of sorts, where the main guy commented that huge robots had one major weakness: If they fall down, they would never get up and thus lose the battle. He ends up leaving a duel between two huge robots when one fell down (which was manned by an old guy and his child, i think), and was surprised when the robot he assumed had lost faced him in the finals. Turns out that robot had incredibly powerful launchers attached to its back, allowing it to get back up. Main character gets torched and critically injured, has to resort to using his super move, and barely wins.
3. I think there were two pilots with native american backgrounds, using terminology such as “Mother earth” and “Father sky”.
4. There was an event where one of the characters was surrounded by a mob of gangsters, and his friend wouldn't help him. The latter's reasoning was “If I helped you, it wouldn't be a 1 on 1 match anymore. It would be 2 against 400” or something.
Would appreciate it if anyone could help me out! I really want to know how the story ended :)

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