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Looking for an old comic that was on DrunkDuck back in the day...
RySmith13 at 12:03PM, May 31, 2014
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It seems to have disappeared. I even remember searching for it before the site officially became “TheDuck” with no luck. Of course, it'd probably be easier if I remembered the name.
I feel like it was something along the lines of “Cemetery Town” or “Graveyard Town.” It was a pretty quirky comic with simplistic drawings (if I'm remembering correctly), but it all had this sort of morbid, macabre atmosphere despite being really fun. And if I had to stretch my mind to think of any sort of plot, I think a girl just moved to the town or something like that and met a ghost on a hill. That is literally all I can really remember and even that might just be my mind flexing to put what pictures I can remember into a relatable story.
Any help pointing me in the direction of this comic, or a comic you feel is something like it, would be greatly appreciated.
Amelius at 1:45PM, June 4, 2014
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Graveyard Town by the author Jaquio, (Paul Coe). I knew what it was right away, it was in my “personal portal”!
Unfortunately it was a finished comic which got obliterated by the big crash of '05, but you can find it on his own site apparently so you are in luck!

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