GNS 1266

ghostrunner on Feb. 28, 2013

for those who like to read the news posts, i got some news to share today. for the next few weeks my update schedule will be sporatic at best. not too many people know what my real job is here, but yep i'm employed. the gentleman who does my job when i'm away staring at walls and wondering what a normal life is gave his notice. which means that not only will i be a t rex, but i'll be training the next velociraptor :D frankly to be honest ive been doing this job on instinct for so long i'm not quite certain these days what the hell it is i do. so my schedule will flip around, drawing and coloring times will shift and updates may drop until everything get settled. i do apologize and hope for everyones sanity it settles soon.
now onto the fun stuff-
it's been quipped at, but rarely discussed what earth is in gns.- ghost said it best when he was explaining it to mardu about humanity being a genetically modified to be a nE faith generator. humans beleive and the nE use the power to augment their own weak capacities. the system is far from efficient, and a number of godlike beings have surfaced throughout history. levon von waffle said as much when he explained that his sister slays gods. evolution dictates where there is power something will evolve  to take advantage of it.
so what is john henry? john henry is a god. born out of belief and existing as long as someone more powerful doesnt wack him. being immortal in any time after the invention of social security is hard. people keep track, they keep numbers, and more and more theses numbers are important. ghost and john met up a long time ago. but where ghost has thrived and wormed his way into society in such a way he would not be easily removed, john henry has been cat to the wayside. what would ghost do with a god that only wants to work? by his own code of ethics, he can't kill him or leave him out in society to be discovered as an immortal. so he gave him a job.