GNS 1376

ghostrunner on Aug. 31, 2014

Contest: well, septemeber 1st 2014. i never imagined that GNS would ever make it this long. its a far, far cry from the way it started in that ghost hunting class my wife set me up with in 2004. a few things changed for the better. a few things changed for the worse. all in all it's been epic. and it's time to kick it up a notch. from this point on there'll be three gns's a week. more contests, more activity. more action, and because i buy in bulk, more EXPLOSIONS! so
here's the first contest of this decade of GNS. are you READY?! all you have to do is SPEAK UP. seriously, what's easier than that? from now until september 22 of this year all you have to do is comment at least once on the main page, on the duck site, or the facebook page to be entered into the drawing to win one free digital commision from me.
that's right! want an alien planet skyline? no problem. want a charictor drawn? that's cool. want to see two pickles fighting over a peice of cheese? YOU GOT IT!. naughty? nice? risque? no prudes here. the only thing i will not do is draw GNS/TBN charictors in any adult themes. excluding that? if you have the luck, i've got the draw. so let the squawking begin!