HA #9 Page 34 by Neilsama

Abt_Nihil on Jan. 20, 2015

And we're back with a beautiful page by Neilsama. Now, I might embarrass myself here, but I think this is actually the very first page Neil has ever supplied for Heroes Unite or Heroes Alliance. Of course he's been doing splendid work on his own comic Dasien for years now, and also on Crossoverlord and Crossoverkill, so I bet he really needs no introduction!

Also, looking at this page I can't help but notice how well the whole ensemble of characters works together. Ironhand's dialogue works so well for this scene, and I just feel these characters belong together somehow. It's times like these that I'm reminded that the whole HUniverse is a quite unlikely thing - all of these characters could have easily gone without ever having crossed over into each other's “universe” -, and I'm so grateful it's been developing the way it has.

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