HA #10 Page 16 by PIT-FACE

Abt_Nihil on July 15, 2016

Artwork and script by PIT_FACE, who would also like you to know that she forgot that Bones was supposed to be handcuffed. I guess (Bane voice) “you'll just have to imagine the cuffs!”

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Also, irrevenant made an important point on the forums:
“Just wanted to suggest that, if you write a comic related to Heroes Alliance it's worth dropping the words “As appearing in Heroes Alliance” or just “Heroes Alliance” (and “Heroes Unite” if applicable) somewhere in your comic description so that your comic pops up in search results for “Heroes Alliance”.
At the moment only Solarcell, Chaos and The Bujin show up as related titles and there are so many more: Putrid Meat, SHELL, Bombshell, Mr Imp, Peligroso, Comet Kid, etc. etc. etc.
I think it'd give a more accurate impression that Heroes Alliance is actually a shared universe/setting rather than just a single title.”