"Alliance" Poster by Abt_Nihil

Abt_Nihil on May 22, 2015

So, yes, this is another filler (a combination of photo manipulation and digital painting I made recently)… but it comes with some news attached!
First off, to resume updating as quickly as possible, we're looking for short stories. To reduce turnaround time, anything goes! The only requirement for you is to use characters from HA (i.e. characters found on the wiki). If you'd like to discuss your stories beforehand, you can do so here.
Secondly, Nepath is looking for collaborators on a short story about Titan (see here), and irrevenant is doing the same for a short Mr Imp story (see here).
Thirdly, you can sign up for a jam issue, where every contributor follows up on the pages made before. See here for the details.
And lastly, cdmalcolm1 has come up with a power chart ranking system for HUniverse characters. If you have characters on the wiki, you can update their profiles using this chart!