PeterAaronRose on March 7, 2007

The prologue to KILLING DEMONS, which is the longest single sequence in the book, takes place twenty-five years in the past and is meant to establish the background of our main protagonist, Joshua Brand. With the exception of a couple of pages that'll be noted when we get to them, Brent and I developed the book in a fairly linear pattern, so this was the first sequence that we completed together.

And, yes, Rocky Hill is an actual place in New Jersey. It's a very little community tucked away near Princeton most famous for housing George Washington at one time or another (a claim made by many a place in New Jersey). I lived down the road from it during grade school and was always taken in by the Stephen King-esque name of the place, as well as the abundant dark forests. I always wanted to find a way to weave it into a story somehow, so here you go.