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See You Around, Duckers! (Ronson resigns)

Ronson at 8:36PM, Sept. 23, 2008

Fellow Duckers

After many years as an administrator of Drunk Duck, I have decided to step down and refocus my attention on my comic (The Gods of Arr-Kelaan) and various other projects that I feel need my time at Rubber Mallet Comics.

My comic will still maintain its home here on Drunk Duck, and I still firmly believe in the ability of Drunk Duck to build a community of veteran and new comic artists on the web.

So while my Drunk Duck name (Ronson) will no longer list me as an administrator, I plan on hanging around the forums and maintaining the friendly relationship I've had with many of you for so many years.

…And to those who don't know who I am, well, nothing's changed, eh?:)

See you around,
Chuck Rowles (Ronson)
Rubber Mallet Comics



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