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Another small update (just more bugs to report, sorry)

skoolmunkee at 3:47PM, Sept. 27, 2008

There are a few more site things y'all should know about:

Platinum does know that we have reported these bugs, but we have to wait for them to free up a person to fix them. So, I dunno. I have no ETA on that. Sorry, I'm as frustrated as you guys.

I can't upload new features, so although we will have a new feature on Monday, there is only one more queued (which hasn't updated since the 10th, so won't be featured until it adds a new page), after that there won't be any new features until this bug is fixed.

Comics created from the 11th-19th of September (or so) can't upload new pages- we knew that already. It seems also that these accounts can't edit their custom HTML. Any changes they try to submit in the form aren't accepted and it just reverts back to whatever it was.

There now seems to be some sort of size restriction on uploading pages. It's somewhere between 1.5mb and 3mb as far as I can tell. Really, if you are uploading an image that is larger than 1.5mb, you are doing something wrong anyway- but some people use Flash and things in their comic and this might not be good news for them. I'll let you know when we find out where the cutoff for file sizes is.

There's no fourth thing, I just wanted to finish the rhyme. Milestones come back on Monday!



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