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QUACKCAST Episode 90 - Women, feminism, and webcomics with Noelle Dreves part 1

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Aug. 14, 2012


For the 90th Quackcast we have two special guests: Skoolmunkee and Noelle Dreves! These two ladies are on to talk about women in webcomics and popular culture in general from an ever so slightly feminist point of view, with me along just agreeing with everything. We discuss a bunch of topics rape, sexuality, sexy outfits and more. You should know Noelle from her amazing featured comics, Strange Case and Dangermoth! This is the first part of a two parter. The DD play will be next week and the second part will come on after that!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Rainbow Under The Sun -
Murts -

Topics discussed:
- Favourite female characters
- Creating female characters
- Misuse of rape in comics
- Costumes
- Female characters in mainstream comics
- Female character design

Noelle Dreves, expert on the womens!
Skoolmunkee, Co-host and guest

Noelle's comics:

The Drunk Duck radio play will be on next week's Quackcast, number 91!



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