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THURSDAY FEATURE --> The Godstrain

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Nov. 22, 2012

Kimber isn't a well woman. The chemo isn't working… she just keeps getting worse and worse. Maybe the experimental lucid dreaming therapy will have some positive effects? Although, she's pretty sure it's what gave her cancer in the first place. In her lucid dream state, Kimber Luster is no longer a suffering mother with two beautiful sons and a loving husband… she's something else… she's someone who can fall nine stories without injury and put her fist through a solid wood door without even feeling it.
This is a highly interesting story comic with an extremely intriguing and engaging plot. The art is all grey scale, pen and ink work, very traditional. I hope you enjoy Godstrain by KimLuster, rated T

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ozoneocean at 3:02AM, Nov. 23, 2012

I loved the story and the art is actually pretty fine work :)

KimLuster at 10:32AM, Nov. 22, 2012

Wow! I got featured! Gotta say I'm completely taken by surprise. Compared to some of the amazingly good artists and stories going here, I thought it'd be a long time before I got a feature. Well... I still have a lot of gas in my tank so I'm going to keep at it. I feel my art is starting to get a little better (I'm stealing lots of style ideas from people here *haha*). Hope everyone enjoys what's to come.

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