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FEATURED COMIC --> Taco El Gato is SuperTaco

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, May 7, 2014

Super-Taco is a superhero who is NOT a superhero! One day he was enjoying tacos at his local taco stand when it was hit by a nuclear bomb, he was the only survivor… his DNA somehow merged with that of the taco. Now his superpower is that he can miraculously produce super tasty tacos. Unfortunately he hasn't worked out how to use this skill to help anyone, besides feeding them.
Taco El Gato is SuperTaco is a hilarious comedy comic staring a stripy cat person and a lot of other ridiculous animal characters. They're all well drawn in a comical, exaggerated manner. The art is mainly monotone with some colour occasionally, all digitally coloured.

Please enjoy Taco El Gato is SuperTaco, CandiliciousCartoons, rated M



CandiliciousCartoons at 1:32AM, June 6, 2014

Oh yay! 8D

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