Tis Pirate Day!

oldguy85 on Sept. 18, 2009

Ahh but I must take this moment to disagree, Is not filler!
I've become lazy or tired.

@ Dark Pasqual, He He, Yeah but you seem to show a good amount of responsibility.

@ dontworrybehappy, Yup, She's very independent and stubborn. I suppose that will be a good thing later on.

@ Peipei, Brittany wears hoodies and sweaters in 100 degree weather here, and shorts in 65 degree weather! I'll never understand.

@ Bffsatan, Maybe just more experienced in life.

@ Machinehead, She's in for a big surprise alright!

@ Plymayer, Yup daughters are a scary thing. Scares me speechless at times.

@ Gillespie, I don't see how you can stand it.

@ Mushroomcomix, Oh man am I ever glad it's low!

@ Kyupol, Naw man It's her two bed dorm in Massachusetts.