Mature, 2 pages

A comic for one of my characters named Laurence. This is set before my next comic.

Everyone, 2 pages

Four very chill teens and their very chill lives.

Everyone, 15 pages

3-Revelaciones: Sonic, Shadow y Silver parten en busca de las esmeraldas caos que Mephiles aún no ha podido encontrar para así poder enfrentarlo.

Everyone, 0 pages

the Valkyries are tasked with collecting the souls of fallen warriors and carrying them to Valhalla , but what happens when one refuses to let her charge die ?

Everyone, 12 pages

The first comic book series that I ever made!
Follow The Super Team as they fight Evil!

Mature, 5 pages

Love Me is a boys love/gay story that takes place in the near modern future in a made-up town somewhere in America, and in this town, not everyone is friendly towards the LGBT community. Follow Kajin and friends on their gay college adventures and dive into a story that will make you laugh and cry (probably at the same time)

Obligatory Warning: Love Me is an 18+ BL (Boys Love) comic, there will be dark humor, cross-dressing, uncomfortable bigotry, nonconsensual and consensual sexual acts (uncensored pages will be on Patreon), foul language and more. The characters engaging in sexual acts are 18+ Love Me will be a rollercoaster of feels, so you have somewhat been warned.

Teen, 4 pages

From way-out to witty, linguistic to topical, these are the images I carry around in my head. …Among other things…


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