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my username here is Tsukasa112, but another name I go by is “Joeker”, a combianation of my name “Joe” and “Kamen Rider Joker”. My blog is also named after that ...

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Name: Treyana-Chan
A.K.A Tsuki-chan or senpai

Age: 14

Likes: Shonen-ai, Chibi, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Slayers, Fantasy, Action, Got Moxie?, My buddies, Lappy.

Dislikes: Twilight, Horror Movies, ButtHeads, my ...

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Name: Elora
DOB: 10/18/92 (17 years old)
Hobbies: Guitar, drawing, singing
Likes: Zombie movies, noir, music, irony, aliens, rock :3
Dislikes: Perfectly happy endings, stupid people, and artist ...

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Hai! Mah name is Miharu, yoroshiku naa :3
Well, I'm a descendent of japanese that lives in Brazil.
I just love yaoi and I dunno how to speak english ...

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what I am:

aspiring artist
hopeful manga-ka
anime and manga freak

what I am NOT:

overconfident in my art
"the brightest crayon in the box"

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About me: hey, my name is Tsuki Miyamoto and i'm a 17 year old girl.

Visit my Sheezyart

Visit my Deviantart ...

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I'm a regular kid trying to fit in with life. I'm currently writing a manga that is being published on here. I do hope some day to become ...

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