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hi, i'm Greg, i'm 18, I like playing guitar, music, computers, football, and World of Warcraft, yes, i am a nerd

don't be a "hater", thats how ...

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My name is Wolfie. I am a very, very, VERY amateur photographer, using only my Kodak EasyShare LS753 to capture the world around me.

NOTE: I do NOT use any ...

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Hey there, I'm MJ,a 22 year old girl from the SoCal. I have three comics to my name, one of them being Aphrodite of Lycanthropia, of course. I ...

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Hello thar!

My real names Kate, I'm female I live in the US of A. I'm an aspiring manga-ka so you should be seeing a comic up fairly ...

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Lets see…

Likes: Drawing, reading manga, not being depressed all the time, art, comic books, making up stories (That doesn't mean lying OR writing I just like thinking of ...

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