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im k00ler den all livin adn non livin thingz on dis planet.but if u luk @ me in da eyez adn tell me that i m a pacifier, Im ganna ...

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I'm The_Kyuubi_Kid…

I'm a member of, as you might have guessed…
Things I like and things I hate…
I hate a lot of things, and ...

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Hi! 23 year old female poboy/ex pizza scallywag. Likes: integrity, smart people, imagination Dislikes: superficial a-holes, Jesus freaks, people who don't pick up on social cues, and mayo.

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Hey everyone!
I am the user formerly known as Yukiyoma of I Bruise Easily. This is my attempt at a fresh start. Look forward to lots of cheesy romance and ...

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There is not much to say that about myself that you will not find out just by talking to me.

Just know this:

~I am an acquired taste~

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