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I have no artistic talent what-so-ever, even my stick figure drawings drag themselves to the shredder. However I do really enjoy seeing other people's artistic talents and enjoy many ...

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There's a lot I can say about myself such as my hair has been through all the colours of the rainbow and I have finally settled to letting it ...

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Dont no what to say.
Love anime(claymore,prince of tennis,bleach,Death Note,Elfen Lied,Full Metal Alchemist,Fruits Basket,Gunslinger Girl)
sleep and music(korn ...

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I have a Manga style comic called Girl Ninja. I will hopefully start posting it here soon, and I'd like to start with page one. Give me a few ...

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Richard likes making comics. Problem is, he hates drawing them. Worse, even when he does draw them, his lack of a scanner can delay updates for months… or years.

His ...

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