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We are a Comic/Animation Team!
This account is used by the writer and primary artist.

The Drunk Duck profile space is inadequate.
See the team information here.

Homepage is ...

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Hello Everyone!!!
My name is Jasmine Ellis (Writer)
Team Echo86 actually represents a brother/ Sister comic creator duo. 
And the comic book Sworn is actually a dark and spiritually trying ...

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This is a collaboration between the twin geniuses of RBNTTN and MANGOPIELAND.
All comics within shalt be the product of a fruitful partnership between these two artists. Neither can take ...

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Team IRREGULARS is a Comic Team which consists of Ryuu Majin (The Left Half) a.k.a Country Cat who usually writes the story of the comic and colors or ...

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Hello there, this is Astro of Team Trauma here to fill in a bit on this page.

Team Trauma is actually made up of three people. :3 We work together ...

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