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Hello! I am Ultima of Ultima Comics. You won't have heard of me yet but i will b bringing my comic creation to this site were i will put ...

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Hey there,since my DShadow account is hacked,i am the NEW DShadow!

Real name: Romano Antonio Sommer.

More is not needed.

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Old name:neoboy5555
Likes:Manga,Wii/DS,DD,myDD buddys(Darklink,Poki_rat,THKNN_NUL,Volte6)
Dislikes:my stupid computer crashing,my brothers frend AJ,no ...

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full name:Terry Tolbart

likes:making comics,soccer,wii,
drunkduck,spiky hair peaple.
dislikes:those stupid Xbox ads that say jump in WHAT THE ...

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i am a mario crazy fan!!!!!!!!!

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Name Deno Shand live in jamaica i like to read comics and make them(but never ever been good).

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Ok I haven't done anything for a long while now… That's because I've been drawing quite a lot… I've posted a little on dA but they ...

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