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na porost włosów

Secretary Shemsi spare-time hobbies includes new softball, airsofting. Last of all he's motivated by chilling with his dearest mates.

Usually the new cease to live young

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My real name is Dito (Dito, not DITTO) lol
I live in Bekasi, a suburban area 7 km east of Jakarta (yeah, it's the capital of Indonesia)
I'm ...

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binaire opties

Web marketing manager Veijo Loadholt is hooked on new health,fitness, bicycling. He gets inspired by checking out a colorado avalanche ice-hockey-match live inside the arena.

The positive ...

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Let Me Introduce You To myself.

I'm your typical oldschool western rpg gamer, and somehow got into making sprite graphics durning 2000.

Around 2003 I started doing comics, trying ...

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I'm a retired US Air Force TACP (Tactical Air Control Party) member, currently working as an Emergency Operations Officer for the Washington State Emergency Management Division.  In addition to ...

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Check out my other artworks on my website:

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Hi Gaiz!

If your viewing this page then your either an idiot or one of my many fans (which I do not know of yet).

But all I can say ...

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Ted…And Chad…Two guys who set out to make amazing comics, and failed. Just kidding, they are awesome.
Current Projects:
-The Life Of Ted N Chad -announcements

-What a ...

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