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I'm lame. That's about it.

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name: JHM (initials)
age: old
race: black
fav. color: blue
fav. food: SWEETS ^_^
Clan: twilight
hobbies: band, drawing, computer, ranting, sleeping
Made another account then came back to this ...

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Hi I am Heather. I do know Hello2U because she lives in my neighborhood and so does iloveEdwardCullen!!! I love twilight and I agree with Hello2U becuase Edward lives in ...

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"If you never believe in yourself than your faith and hope would be as empty as an endless abyss. Never give up hope. Because if there's a will there ...

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I'm a girl who was introduced to this website from a very good friend. She showed me Charby the Vampirate and I immediately fell inlove with the little guy ...

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Hi Hi! How's it going? I really love to draw, and someday I want to be a mangaka. I thought I'd join DD because I love the community ...

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