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Check out my comic! ^_^

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Freelance Austrian Writer, Gamer and Webcomic Addict, working through compulsive civil service to study in the U.S. …

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Hey, I'm not much of a cool guy but that doesn't mean I'm a bad dude to know. I an recent veteran of the army so thing ...

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My full screen name was supposed to be -voicebox of an octopus-. Drunk Duck said that it was alright! The liars.

Just say my screen name as - Voicebox of an ...

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“Ratchet and Clank: Chronicles: Voice Of Dissent” is a collaboration fan-comic between artists Serynzia (Taylor) and Kitten Karnivore.

The story involves both Kitten and Taylor, two normal girls of ...

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Humble observer.

Homepage: BraveNet page

Artwork: DeviantART page

Disclaimer: Not a fan of glitter.


About The Music That We Hear (coming soon):

The music that we hear is but ...

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